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The pictured item is 3 inches long.

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Photo: Ruby Lane

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28 responses to “It’s #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. mikee says:

    TRay, Kristi888 and others who guessed a pouring device were correct. There is a hole in his nose for pouring and there is a portion at the bottom that was originally wrapped with cork. But the pie hole is typically the mouth not the nose. The Chef Boyardee stopper is something like a misprint 1918 post war inverted Curtis JN-4 stamp or 1937-D 3 legged Buffalo Nickle because the opening should have been the mouth. One batch was known to have been made by an apprentice who was immediately retrained. He was the grandson of the founder of the glass and ceramics factory, so he wasn’t fired. This was fortunate because he later helped Thomas Edison to design and later mass produce the “new” incandescent lamp. By 1908, the glass for these bulbs amounted to half of Corning’s business. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Carriee says:

    Bottle topper.

  3. PPiman says:

    yup, It’s a pie vent or a pie vent funnel used to let5 steam out of a cooking pie.

  4. kathyjohn says:

    I think it is a sprinkler. You attach it to a bottle filled with
    water and sprinkle your clothes before you iron them.
    I remember sprinkling the clothes ,rolling them up and putting them
    into the refrigerator to chill. The clothes were easy to iron and the wrinkles came out easily.

  5. skatyeight says:

    Pretty sure it’s a pie vent. I’ve pretty much eliminated all other suggestions for one reason or another. Happy pie baking!!

  6. maureen899 says:

    I’m rolling with pie vent funnel.

  7. ponderosa says:

    Bottle pourer, placed on a bottle of liquor, oil or a liquid the liquid would come out of his mouth.

  8. Casakep says:

    It looks like a pie vent where steam would come out of the side of his mouth.

  9. Sles says:

    Bottle stopper?

  10. chickie14 says:

    I’m going to guess a pie vent to let the steam out.

  11. chickie14 says:

    I’m going to guess a pie vent to let the steam out.

  12. auntyem says:

    Stopper for oil or vinegar?

  13. flamingopat says:

    It is obviously a bottle topper , with an opening in the chef’s nose for pouring out something, perhaps maple syrup or maybe wine…

  14. bertram00 says:

    I’d guess it’s a bottle stopper intended specifically for cooking wine or vinegar.

  15. Alpine9 says:

    A Pie vent? Place him in the center of a pie to release the steam as it bakes.

  16. carolefol says:

    I think it might be kitchen string holder.

  17. shilo577 says:

    It’s a steam release for baking pies. They are Put into middle of pies when baking to stop pies from bubbling over.

  18. jhenley says:

    60 yrs. ago mother had something similar, I think it was a ceramic/china dispenser for grated parmesan cheese, and this would have been the ‘stopper’ or top.

  19. Jzelda says:

    It’s a bottle stopper with pouring and venting holes

  20. VAFlats says:

    For a bottle top. Water inside bottle and holes in top of head to sprinkle water on clothes to iron.

  21. TRay says:

    Yes, Kristi888, a bottle cork. Specifically, this cork was made for olive oil bottles sold by Chef Boyardee, via ConAgra, the corporation that bought his business in 1946. The Chef stayed on as a consultant and was the inspiration for this bust. Through the years, the corporation tried various products, many of which didn’t sell well, which included olive oil.

  22. Kattwo says:

    Oil cruet stopper.

  23. zvicki says:

    It has a small hole, on the left, just above the lips. So, I’d guess it’s a wine aerator. I think that’s the correct name. It allows the wine to “breath” when it’s not being used right away. Best guess anyways

  24. gmg3isl3r says:

    A bottle stopper/pour spout, for use in cooking.

  25. flash472002 says:

    Looks like it could be a bottle stopper, and with the chef design, probably from a bottle of some kind of condiment, like oil or vinegar. Seems kind of distasteful, though, if the liquid comes out of his mouth, or his nose.

  26. bchagnon says:

    Purely a guess. I’d go with a stopper for a bottle of cooking oil.

  27. Kristi888 says:

    Bottle cork?

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