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You will find hundreds of sale reports with color pictures, descriptions, prices, and an explanation of what influences the highs or lows. For everything from toys to formal furniture, glass, pottery, silver and more, get the low-down on items both unique and useful. The sales reports give the history of factories and items, as well as prices. They will help you discover the value of your piece. Read bits of advice and tricks from how to find expensive antiques at bargain prices to why you need a bungee cord at a flea market.


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  • How Original Boxes Add Value To Toys

    Boxed toys attract high bids. Collectors often display the boxes along with the rest of the collection. The box under this set of Brownie blocks helps to keep them in order. Don't get boxed in; go find more photos and prices.






  • T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings Furniture

    T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings was a 1950s design leader. This chair and ottoman designed by Robsjohn-Gibbings for Widdicomb have the wide lines and rectangular angles that were common in mid-century design. See more photos of more Robsjohn-Gibbings pieces with prices.






  • Relive An Era With Canadian and Western Art

    The West was wild, but the artifacts and artwork from that area show a rustic charm. For a look at such items as this 1934 Saskatchewan Parks radiator badge, a figural beaver on a log with the monogram SNR, mosey on over to the article.






  • Barbie: Groovy Collectibles

    Barbie turns 60 next month and a recent sale featured Barbie dolls, accessories and toys. This record player was made in 1961, just two years after the first Barbie doll. It's still in working condition. Dance over to the article for more Barbie photos and prices.






  • Cut Glass: Jewels for the Table

    The end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries marked the “Brilliant Period” of cut glass. Custom dictated that entire tables were set with cut glass. A recent sale featured examples in jewel tones like this green cut to clear Montrose vase by Dorflinger. Cut over for more prices and photos.






  • Lunch Boxes: Thanks for the Memories

    Vintage lunch boxes featuring old television shows, movies, cartoons and musical groups revive youthful memories for collectors. Lunch boxes with pictures printed on the tin were made starting in the 1950s. Nostalgic collectors snap up examples that are in good condition and have the original thermos. Remember the “Munsters”? Here is their 1965 lunch box. Feast your eyes on more examples and see prices.






  • Mortuary Items: More Than a “Passing” Fancy

    Some collectors build their collections around events. A recent sale featured more than 400 post-mortem and mortuary items, created to sustain the memories of beloved relatives and even royalty. This mourning ribbon memorializes Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort. See the price and more mourning items.






  • San Jose Pottery Celebrates Southwest-Inspired Designs

    San Jose pottery gave an outlet to artists creating Mexican influenced ceramics in Texas during the first half of the 20th century. The pottery is brightly colored and often features individuals or groups in nature or working, as does this plate titled “Orange Farmer.” Check for more photos and prices.






  • Architectural Collectibles Are Pieces of History

    Architectural elements come with a history. Collectors often look for items that connect to their hometown, historic buildings or time periods. This terra-cotta molding comes from a grand old Chicago theater. Peek behind the curtain for more architectural elements and prices.






  • Ooh La La Lalique

    The distinctive markings on each piece of Lalique glassware help to date the pieces and makes them more collectible. The botanical Art Nouveau pieces sell particularly well, such as this 1927 opalescent Mossaic vase with leaves in relief. See photos and prices of vases and more.







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