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You will find hundreds of sale reports with color pictures, descriptions, prices, and an explanation of what influences the highs or lows. For everything from toys to formal furniture, glass, pottery, silver and more, get the low-down on items both unique and useful. The sales reports give the history of factories and items, as well as prices. They will help you discover the value of your piece. Read bits of advice and tricks from how to find expensive antiques at bargain prices to why you need a bungee cord at a flea market.


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  • Ice skaters with lanterns statue
    Dick Button’s Olympic-Quality Skating Collection

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an Olympian? Dick Button lived and breathed ice skating and became a skating art expert after he retired. Recently, his collection of ice skating related art and collectibles which included this statue of a skating couple was sold at auction. Glide over to examine pictures and prices of ice skaters in 17th-century paintings, contemporary sculptures and more.





  • Margaret De Patta pin
    Distinctive Silver Jewelry Attracts Collectors

    Artist Margaret De Patta is considered a major force in the early 20th-century jewelry movement, creating pieces such as this unique 1945 pin. See photos and learn more about her rarely seen creations.






  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game
    Video Games Earn Top Scores with Collectors

    Factory sealed video games are selling for much more than the original retail prices. The industry is shifting to digital games, and old games like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nintendo Entertainment System game are becoming more valuable. Pick up your controller and jump to more prices and pictures.






  • Garden Ornaments: Happy Gnome, Happy Home … and an Alligator?

    Gnomes, birdbaths and planters are just a few of the garden decorations that can be found at auction. They can be spruced up with new paint without lowering their value. Buyers often select items to add a bit of surprise to their landscape, like this nearly two-foot-long, bronze alligator. Find for more garden accent tips.






  • Clown display
    Circus Collectibles

    Collectors associate the circus with their childhoods. Clown-related items like this Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey stand-up display are popular. Find more photos and prices of circus memorabilia.






  • Autographed baseball -- Mickey Mantle
    Baseball Collecting is a Home Run

    Baseballs signed by players and teams bring higher prices. The location of the signature matters, too. This baseball was signed on the "sweet spot" with a holiday greeting by Mickey Mantle. Run over to the article for more baseballs and prices.






  • Royal Doulton lion figurine
    Royal Doulton Classics

    Royal Doulton is still found in many homes. Figurines with flambé glaze, like this lion, often catch the eye of buyers. See more examples of vintage Royal Doulton.






  • Baker High chest
    Baker Furniture – Quality Reproductions

    Baker Furniture became so good at reproductions that they repair museum quality pieces. Their reproductions are considered very high quality. This late-baroque style chest was made in the last 20 years. See more Baker pieces and prices.






  • Martin Bros. face jug
    Prices Fly High For Unique Martinware

    Martinware, a salt-glazed stoneware, is known for grotesque bird-like creatures with long beaks called “Wally Birds,” and unusual pieces, like this two-faced jug. We give prices and how to identify Martinware.






  • Coro duette
    Vintage Jewelry Sparkles

    Vintage jewelry should be examined carefully. Condition is an important part of determining value. Brand names and marks also increase value as was seen in the price of this Coro duette pin. Find tips on selecting vintage jewelry and see more pictures and prices.






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