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A Kovels Knowledge Membership gives you access over 25,000 premium articles, identification guides, market trends, monthly sales reports and expert answers to reader questions. Includes the digital version of the award-winning Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles newsletter plus 45+ years of archives.




Kovels Knowledge” is the authoritative, easy to understand, educational resource on antiques and collectibles. Kovels Knowledge subscribers can browse, search, and access more than 25,000 premium articles, identification guides, market trends, monthly sales reports and expert answers to reader questions about identifying, pricing, buying, selling, and discovering the story behind antiques and collectibles. This is the essential kit that gives you, the collector, the basics on what you need to know. You have access to detailed articles about marks, identification tips by category (such as glass or jewelry), and in-depth sales reports. We keep you up-to-date on what’s hot … and what’s NOT!

If that’s not enough, Kovels Knowledge subscribers can click on expert answers to questions submitted by enthusiasts just like you.

Last, but not least, it includes a digital version of the award-winning Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles newsletter, plus 45 years of newsletter archives.

Kovels started when Ralph and Terry Kovel realized there was no down-to-earth resource for regular people, not trained art experts, who wanted to learn more about antiques and collecting. Six decades later, we’re still passionate about teaching.

Kovels Knowledge is packed with vital information to help you recognize the true value of treasures you’ve discovered at flea markets, antique shows, rummage sales, auctions, garage sales — even online auction sites. You’ll discover hundreds of ideas and guidelines that will help you save money by avoiding fakes and frauds. Our content will empower you to be a smarter collector by updating you on the new trends. It’s the “field guide” you have been seeking.

Don’t miss our other information offered to the community: news, business directories and event calendars.

Our new and completely redesigned site, Kovels.com, is easy to browse and searchable on any device. Whether you like learning from the comfort of your own home or need to consult our knowledge archives from your smartphone while you’re at a flea market, we provide a user-friendly, in-depth experience.

Kovels Knowledge is just $4.99 per month for a month-to-month subscription or $29.99 for the annual plan (save 50% by selecting the annual plan).

Please note that while comprehensive in topics covered, a subscription to Kovels Knowledge does not include access to the Detailed Kovels Guides. Save by enrolling in an All Access membership to get both.


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