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Know Your Antiques
  • Sailor weathervane

    If you can’t afford a rooster or running deer weathervane, or any other 19th-century weathervane made by an important company, you might be able to find a homemade example.





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  • Merry Christmas whiskey flask
    Merry Christmas Whiskey Flask

    New Year’s Eve celebrations have long included alcoholic drinks. A toast to the New Year is part of the party, along with music, noisemakers and a New Year’s wish and kiss.





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  • Christmas tree stand
    Christmas Tree Stand

    Holiday-related collectibles are especially popular if they relate to Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and even St. Patrick’s Day. But the most popular holiday for collectors is Christmas.




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  • Phrenology head inkwell
    Phrenology Head Inkwell

    Hundreds of reproduction phrenology heads are sold online, although few understand what the word phrenology means. This 19th-century American inkwell is topped by a 6-inch milk glass phrenology head.




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  • Lockwood De Forest chair
    Lockwood de Forest Chair

    Artists often do many different kinds of art—paintings, etchings, prints, ceramics, even jewelry, furniture, marble sculptures, bronzes and perhaps designs for commercial products. Lockwood de Forest (1850-1932) was an American artist and decorator who worked in the American Orientalist style.




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  • Art bottles
    Bottles as Art

    The ancient Greeks collected bottles, but only a few wealthy American collectors were buying bottles in the early 1900s. Bottle collecting became a hobby of the middle class in the 1950s.




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  • Pie Safe
    Pie Safe

    It’s time to think about Thanksgiving and the abundant dinner expected for the holiday. But the first Thanksgiving probably featured very different food.





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  • Chinese enamel teapot
    Chinese Enamel

    The Chinese enameling called cloisonne has been made for centuries.  But there was also another type of enamel-on-metal object made in China by the 17th century, called “Peking enamel” or “Canton enamel.”




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  • Aquarium

    Keeping fish in an aquarium is said to be one of the top hobbies in the United States today. Some enthusiasts search for antique-looking aquariums that fit with room styles from the past.




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  • Political figurines - Disraeli and Gladstone
    Political Figurines

    Political fights among politicians are not new. Today the rivalries are ridiculed in political cartoons and on TV sitcoms. In the past, political differences were shown in Staffordshire figures, slogans and drawings.





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