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Want to know "How old is Donald Duck Cola?" or "Who made the Porcelier Coffeepot?" or "Where can I find a plate that matches my dinner set?" If you have a question about value or origin, search the collectors' gallery. If you have a question of general interest, write us and you may see the answer here.

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  • Jugglers' Clubs

    Q: My son got these wooden clubs and dumbbell years ago. The clubs are 14 1/2 inches long and the dumbbell is 10 inches long. The only mark on them is a red, gold, and black medallion. It’s printed “Narragansett Machine Co., Providence RI” around the edges and “Standard” across the center. Under that is a monogram that looks like the letter “N” over and “M: and “Co.” The clubs are labeled “1 lb.” and the dumbbell “3/4 lb.” Are they worth trying to sell?






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  • Holloway's Ointment Pot

    Q: What can you tell me about this little pot? It’s about 1 3/8 inches tall and says “Holloway’s Ointment, for the Cure of Gout and Rheumatism” and lists several other ailments it’s supposed to cure. It also says “Manufactured by the proprietor” and lists an address in London. There is a picture of a classically dressed woman seated with a snake on one side and a child on the other.






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  • Staffordshire Platter

    Q: Can tell me anything about this old meat platter? It belonged to my great-auntie. The mark says “BWM & Co.” and “Canova.”







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  • Benedict Silver Plate

    Q: I’ve had this silver-plated piece for many years. I think it came from my grandmother’s house. It’s marked “Benedict Period Plate, Chinese Chippendale.” I’m surprised it was made in the U.S. since it clearly has Asian decoration. It has cutout designs and there are six pictures embossed on the rim. It looks like a story is being told. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.






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  • Imperial French Porcelain

    Q: Can you identify this logo of the W. Adams pottery from the 19th century? This broken piece was sold to our family, who were collectors, at a very high price. That was before the internet and computers existed. Since then we have found this company online but we haven’t found this mark. The pottery was in England, so why does the mark say, “Imperial French Porcelain” and why is it a French eagle? When was this piece made?





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  • Hopalong Cassidy Lunch Box

    Q:  My mother is downsizing and cleaning out and came across an old Hopalong Cassidy lunch box. It’s metal and has a picture of Hopalong riding away on his white horse while shooting back at bad guys. I know folks love to collect old lunch boxes. Does this one have any value?






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  • Coverlet

    Q:  In 1976, I inherited an antique woven coverlet from my great aunt, an avid antiques collector. The corner block says, “Rachel Young, Asbury, 1834, J. Davidson, Fancy weaver.” The border of the coverlet has eagles and the words “Liberty and Union.” It measures about 83 by 89 inches and is rusty orange and ivory color. It’s in good condition with a couple of little gaps, not tears, in the outer fringe area. I’m interested in selling it and would like some idea of possible value as well as any suggestions as to where I might advertise it.





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  • Beargrass Distillery Sign

    Q: My father-in-law inherited this picture. He says it hung in the lobby of the Beargrass Distillery. The superintendent of the distillery gave it to my father-in-law’s uncle, who gave it to his brother, my father-in-law’s father. The sign says “Beargrass Distillery, Jefferson County, Kentucky.” The picture is framed under glass, or maybe the picture is actually painted on the reverse side of the glass. It looks like it has flaked gold in it. It’s 36 by 39 1/2 inches. There is a date etched or burned onto the bottom of the wood frame, “pat. Mar. 15th 1870.” Part of the paint in the picture has deteriorated and I can see some German newsprint behind it in one small area. Can you give us any information about the age and value of this picture?




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  • Snow Baby

    Q: I’m trying to find out about a small bisque doll dug up in the grounds of my parents’ 450-year old cottage in Berkshire, England. The doll appears to be a Snow Baby, but is gray in color. I’d like to find out more about this item.






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  • Department Store Display Santa

    Q: When my mother worked in a jewelry store in about 1949, people came from New York to decorate the store windows for Christmas. One of those folks gave her this white Santa, since they decided not to use it in the display. My mother used this Santa in her holiday decorations every year until she gave it to me a number of years ago. Now I use it in my decoration. To me, it’s priceless! My mother believes it must be worth a lot of money because it’s old. I don’t think so, but she asked me to find out. There is nothing on this Santa that identifies it — no tags, no markings, nothing. There is a hole in the bottom of one foot where it could be attached to a stand, but no identification on the stand, either. What do you think?





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