They say you can learn something new everyday and I did today. I bid on a cup and saucer in an antiques auction by registering an absentee bid. I know that no matter the amount I bid, the auction house will bid me in at the next logical jump. They won’t put my high bid up until it is needed. I checked to see if I won and my bid was high. But I never heard from the auction, so I called to find out what was wrong. I had forgotten that if an absentee bid and a bid from a person sitting at the auction is the same amount and is the winning amount, the person present at the auction gets the item. My bid was probably in a bidding match with a person at the auction gallery. If the earliest bid always won, there was a huge advantage for absentee bidders. Every auctioneer knows a person in the audience may discover a few more things to bid on when they are shown at the auction. So the in-house person is favored and the only solution for those out of town is to turn on the auction and bid in real time or bid higher than you thought was needed as an absentee.