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Four sharp-eyed readers caught the error our proofreaders missed in our June 26 ezine. It’s a classic mistake. We said a gold coin minted in 1887 was found in a shipwreck that happened in 1857. What we should have said was a shipment of newly minted 1857 gold coins was found in a 1857 shipwreck. Thank-you for letting us know we were wrong so we could correct it.

There is more good news from the 1857 shipwreck. They have been examining the coins from the wreck one at a time since 2014. A bag of silver dimes was found in an iron lock box but not examined until recently. An 1856-S dime was found. The rare dime, minted in San Francisco and picturing a “Liberty Seated” figure, is a high-grade, low mintage silver coin valued at $75,0001856 s dime

Photo: Justcollecting.com / PCGS




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