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Photo: Occupied Japan Pumpkin Tea Set, Martin Auction Co.
The Top 20 searches for antiques prices do reflect items "of current interest," but they also indicate interest in learning how to sell rather than what to buy. Many collectors are downsizing or "pruning" to make space, earn money, or change interests. It may be that older categories of interest, like Occupied Japan, Bavaria, Carnival Glass, Capo-di-Monte, and many English and European 19th-century porcelains have lost favor with younger collectors. Designs in demand are slick, modern, and large--bold graphics or things "of memory," like posters, advertising displays, large colored glass vases, toys, and examples of 20th-century inventions like plastic, radios, typewriters, and slot machines.

Below is Top 20 list of searches on Kovels.com in September. Some users are searching to learn what to pay. Others are looking for the right price to sell.

1. Occupied Japan
2. Stoves
3. Fenton Glass
4. Coca-Cola
5. Bottles
6. Bavaria
7. Capo-di-Monte
8. Milk Glass
9. Mccoy
10. Carnival Glass
11. Belleek
12. Lamps
13. Hull
14. Dresden
15. Dolls
16. Red Wing
17. Nippon
18. Wedgwood
19. CT Germany
20. Cash Registers

 Photo: Occupied Japan Pumpkin Tea Set, Martin Auction Co.


#1 dollsjessiewanda 2013-10-10 18:52
I would like to sell my dolls. They are mostly 1800's bisque and china. Have doll decreased in value?

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