Spacelander BicycleAfter a cold winter, it's finally time to get back on your bike. Bicycles can transform an ordinary ride into an adventure. This isn't a speedy racing bike or a bike made to navigate the urban jungle, but it sure would be fun to own.

Benjamin Bowden introduced this futuristic "Spacelander" bicycle design in 1946. It wasn't actually manufactured and sold until the 1960s, when it was called the Bowden, and made by Bombard Industries of Grand Haven, Mich. It has a fiberglass body, battery-operated lights, a push-button horn and a chrome-plated rear carrier. It came in five cool-sounding colors: Outer Space Blue, Cliffs of Dover White, Meadow Green, Charcoal Black and Stop Sign Red. The bicycle turned out to be expensive to make and only 522 of them were produced. This one sold at a Wright auction in Chicago for a bone-shaking $43,750.

Bicycles were invented in 1839 and have always been a popular mode of transport. Collectors search for all types of bicycles from 19th-century wood and cast iron "boneshakers," high-wheeled bicycles, and early ladies' bicycles, to balloon-tire cruisers, vintage roadsters, and high handlebar bikes with banana seats. Some collectors also look for bike-related advertising and gear—metal baskets, horns, bells, locks and lights.

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