We have added more than 12,500 prices and 3,000 new photos to our online price guide. All prices are from actual prices at shops, shows, flea markets, auctions, online sales, dealers and other sources. Prices are double-checked for accuracy by Kovels’ experts using their own AccuValue™ system.

The Kovels.com online price guide is organized into more than 750 categories that represent the most popular collecting interests. Category descriptions include information on makers, history, age and marks. This useful information helps accurately price collectibles, identify market trends and serves as a guide for buying, selling, appraising or settling an inheritance. Two generations of Kovels edit the content so the Kovels’ online price guide lists pieces made from the 1680s to as recently as the 2000s.

There is a lot of interest in furniture, glass, ceramics, midcentury modern design made after 1950, and pieces made after the 1980s.

You can find almost anything among the Kovels’ added prices and pictures. The most expensive new listing is a 7-gallon stoneware water cooler with cobalt blue Broadway street scene, made in 1846, that sold for $480,000. One of the least expensive is a plastic figural Spider-man bookmark made in the 1980s by Nasta Co.  It sold for $2. Another $2 item is a Royal China Country Charm saucer. And, if you are looking for something small, you will find buttons that are only ½ inch, like the five c.1800 ½-inch agate and Dzi bead buttons that sold for $1,088, or the pair of Victorian goldstone buttons, each with an eagle, that sold for $3.

Here’s to a fruitful year of knowledgeable collecting!



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