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  • Occupied Japan Bisque Figurines
    Occupied Japan Figurines: Item of the Week

    Occupied Japan has been at the top of Kovels.com's Top Twenty Antiques and Collectibles since January. It's a varied category of collecting—pottery dishes, porcelain figurines, plastic and metal toys, and even souvenirs made of shells are found marked with the words "Occupied Japan." So which Occupied Japan items interest collectors the most?

  • Enesco Prayer Lady: Item of the Week

    Figurines from the "Mother in the Kitchen" series by Enesco are popular collectible items that may look familiar.The "Mother in the Kitchen" figurines are also known as "Prayer Ladies" because of the prayers and sayings that are printed on their aprons.

  • Paper Egg from World War I: Item of the Week

    Hard times make for interesting collectibles. This 5-inch printed paper egg is dated 1919. It's really an envelope—the chick pops out to ask for a donation to help France repopulate its chickens after World War I.

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