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Flea Market Strategies: How to Shop, Buy and Bargain the 21st-Century WayTerry Kovel and Kim Kovel have just published a new booklet, Flea Market Strategies: How to Shop, Buy and Bargain the 21st-Century Way. To collectors, summer weekends mean flea markets and the Kovels have navigated flea markets for decades. Kovels' Flea Market Strategies booklet offers an updated take on what to wear, what supplies to bring along and how to use smartphones for smarter shopping.

The supplement that lists latest smartphone apps and websites to help the collector shop, share and ship is an added bonus. Bargain shoppers and avid collectors alike will benefit from apps that help find flea markets, food, shipping locations, public bathrooms—even your parked car—as well as magnify, measure, price and evaluate potential purchases and organize a "favorites" lists. Marcia Goldberg, editor of Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles monthly newsletter, says: "I love to spend a few hours at local flea markets when I travel. Kovels' list of recommended smartphone apps is the first and most useful of its kind. Using apps helps find things quickly so I can get the most out of my market day."

Whether wandering through a huge extravaganza that pulls in dealers from across the country or a small local show with just a few tables, this informational 17-page booklet has tips on spotting fakes, advice about paying for purchases and shipping suggestions. Learn from the best. Kovels' Flea Market Strategies: How to Shop, Buy and Bargain the 21st-Century Way, is available only in the online store at Kovels.com.








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