It’s Thanksgiving and we want to give thanks to our dedicated readers for joining us in the joy we find in the world of antiques and collectibles. As for the “giving” part of Thanksgiving, well we want to jump into the season by offering six Thanksgiving table place cards adapted from vintage postcards.

Thanksgiving postcards, especially from 1885 to the 1930s, are popular collectibles. Some collectors look for Thanksgiving postcards that picture turkeys, Pilgrims or Indians; others specialize in postcards that feature children or patriotic themes. Vintage postcards from about 100 years ago may make you pause: We found an image of a sweet looking toddler hiding an ax behind her back and eye-balling a vibrant orange and green turkey. The message was also a little disconcerting: “You’ll know I’m still among the living / When you get this wish for a glad Thanksgiving.”

Collectors should also be on the lookout for porcelain, pottery or metal figures of Thanksgiving pilgrims, Indians and cornucopias, as well as platters and dishes, tablecloths and napkins, candy containers, nut cups, centerpieces, advertising, and product labels, boxes and cans that promote Thanksgiving. Seasonal platters and dishes from the ceramic centers of Staffordshire and Limoges in the 1920s also are popular collectibles.

A rare 1961 Steiff turkey called Tucky is sought after by lovers of Steiff stuffed animals. Tucky makes a great Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece!

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Enjoy a special gift from the Kovels — free printable vintage-style place cards for your Thanksgiving table. There are six different festive designs on one sheet. Just download, print, cut, add the names of your guests and fold.