Enjoy a special gift from the Kovels — free printable vintage-style place cards for your Thanksgiving table. There are six different festive designs on one sheet. Just download, print, cut, add the names of your guests and fold. Download by clicking here or click on the picture below.

The six place cards are adapted from vintage postcards. Thanksgiving postcards, especially from the Victorian period up to the 1930s, are popular collectibles. Some collectors look for Thanksgiving postcards that picture turkeys, Pilgrims or Indians; others specialize in postcards that feature children or patriotic themes.

Collectors should also be on the lookout for porcelain, pottery, or metal figures of Thanksgiving Pilgrims, Indians and cornucopias, as well as platters and dishes, textiles like tablecloths and napkins, candy containers, nut cups, centerpieces, advertising, and product labels, boxes and cans that promote Thanksgiving.

Find prices of more postcards in the free price guide at Kovels.com.