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Mother’s Day is fast approaching — it’s Sunday, May 13. If your mother is a collecting enthusiast who enjoys flea markets, antiques shops and shows, a carefully chosen vintage item or something she collects would be a thoughtful Mother's Day surprise. It’s time to celebrate Mom with a one-of-a-kind gift you know she won’t receive from anyone else. Here are 5 ideas that any mother would love:


1.  Pincushion doll

Antique and vintage sewing accessories are unique and useful. Many moms love to sew or sew at one time or another. Pincushion half-dolls are porcelain with several small holes around the bottom edge of the torso. Women stitched skirts to the bottom and stuffed them to make pincushions or propped them over powder boxes, teapots, toasters, even small lamps. Most pincushion dolls were made between the early 1900s and the 1950s. This Art Deco flapper example was made in Germany in the 1920s – ’30s and actually is a pincushion. Price: $395 in an online shop.


2.  Syrup container

Syrup containers made in the 19th century appeal to collectors for their quality, beauty and usefulness. They are also called molasses pitchers or jugs and could be used for syrup or honey. This syrup jug is clear glass with a ruby stain. It was made by the George Duncan & Sons Co. of Pittsburgh about 1890. It is 5 inches high and sold at auction for $293.


3.  Birdbath

Garden decorations are popular items at auctions and flea markets. What collector Mom wouldn’t want to add some antique or vintage style to her outdoor landscape. This 20th-century cast iron birdbath is American-made, and is decorated with two figural doves, a lotus stem and a leafy base. It’s 33 inches high and 22 inches wide and sold for $384 at a New Orleans auction.


4.  Salt & pepper shakers

Collectors love salt and pepper shakers, particularly figural examples made after about 1920. This vintage pair is marked Holt-Howard, an importer that sold many types of whimsical table accessories from 1949 through the 1980s. They are called Cozy Kittens, one of the original designs the company sold. They are dated 1961 and are 4 1/2 inches high and almost 3 inches wide across the ears. Priced to make Mom smile at $45 in an online shop.


5.  Flower pin

When costume jewelry came into vogue, it allowed women to add glamorous well-designed jewelry to their wardrobes without the high prices of fine jewelry. Art deco, retro, and modern costume jewelry has seen a resurgence in recent years. This cheerful enameled metal flower pin is marked “Original by Robert,” is 2 inches in diameter and is a bargain online at $24.

Of course, a great Mother’s Day treat would be to take your mother to an antiques show, shop or flea market. Many have special Mother’s Day hours and celebrations. Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2018, available in Kovels online store, is a great take-along and another great gift idea!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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