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This price guide is the result of many years of work. We’ve compiled this list from prices in shops, shows, flea markets, publications and catalogs, Internet sales and other online services.Out of these thousands and thousands of prices, we’ve decided which antiques and collectibles are of the most interest to most collectors. Though there are some highly priced items listed here to show how valuable rare items may be, most antiques listed here sold for average prices in their category.

Prices are either realized prices from auctions or completed sales or they’re asking prices; a buyer may have negotiated an asking price to a lower selling price. But no price is an estimate. We do not consult with dealers or other experts to estimate prices; experience has shown that estimates are rarely accurate. Additionally, we have taken the editorial privilege of not including prices we think result from “auction fever.”

This price guide is the result of years of hard work by experts in the antiques and collectibles field and the result is a unique, highly informative and extremely thorough guide.

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