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  • St. Patrick's Day Greetings!

    St. Patrick's Day Greetings!

    Everyone knows the shamrock is a popular Irish symbol, but the lesser-known Irish harp is Ireland's official emblem. Get started on a St. Patrick’s Day collection!        

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  • It's #whatsitwednesday!

    It's #whatsitwednesday!

    Be the first to guess what the pictured item is by leaving a comment below. If you have your own whatsit, our editors can include it in a future post....

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  • Happy 60th Birthday, Barbie!

    Happy 60th Birthday, Barbie!

    March 9 is Barbie’s birthday – and she is turning 60! This 1959 No. 2 Barbie with a blonde ponytail is dressed to party in the “Evening Splendor” ensemble.           

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  • Comic Books are a Marvel

    Comic Books are a Marvel

    Comic books are earning grown-up prices but condition matters. This 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book introducing Spider-Man fetched more than six figures! Swing over for prices and more photos.          

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  • Coca-Cola Advertising Sells

    Coca-Cola Advertising Sells

    Advertising is designed to catch the eye and Coca-Cola’s signature red logo is recognizable all over the world. This 1954 cardboard sign features crooner Eddie Fisher, star of “Coke Time.”...

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  • Colorful Early American Treasures

    Colorful Early American Treasures

    Paint was a way to both protect the wood and provide color. This painted, 19th century pine blanket box, still vibrant, was one of several pieces attracting interest at a...

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  • Spotlight on Arts and Crafts

    Spotlight on Arts and Crafts

    A recent sale offered everything needed to recreate an Arts and Crafts room. The movement brought simple lines and natural hues to 1930s home décor. Reds and olive greens were...

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  • More Rare Pottery Found

    More Rare Pottery Found

    A radio show with Paul Harvey started in 1976 and became a huge success. He talked about forgotten historical events or the lives of well-known people. It always ended “And...

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  • Strehla Vase

    Strehla Vase

    Q: Help Please! I’ve looked everywhere I can think of to identify the mark on this little vase. I can't make out the words, and I don't know if the...

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