Star Wars Action Figure Record: The Prototype Strikes Back. A Boba Fett prototype action figure sold for a record $236,000 at the online Star Wars Special Event Auction by Hake’s Auctions. The figure is 3 3/4 inches tall, unpainted and fires a rocket from an L-slot mechanism.  The figure was designed by Kenner for its 1979 toy line, but not produced because of safety concerns.

This is the second time Hake’s has broken its own record for any Boba Fett prototype figure. In March 2022, the auction house sold a painted version with a J-slot firing mechanism for $204,435; beating the $185,850 price from a 2019 auction. The Star Wars Special Event brought even more record prices. The sale also set a record for a Jawa figure with a 2 1/4-inch Kenner figure from the 1978 line that sold for $40,887. This figure had a vinyl cape, making it an especially rare find. Kenner’s later Jawa figures have cloth capes. Another record was set for the descriptively named Yak Face figure made by Kenner Canada for its Power of the Force line in 1985. This figure is 4 inches tall and comes packaged with an aluminum collector’s coin. It sold for $19,145.

Boba Fett action figure with J-slot firing mechanism

Photo: Hake’s Auctions



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