History lovers go off their rockers. A recent Heritage auction offered a feast for history buffs. The amazing collection brought historical prices too. One of John F. Kennedy’s famous White House rocking chairs sold after frantic bidding, opening at $57,500 and ultimately selling for $591,000. The rocker was one of 12 JFK had made in 1961. Other incredible items included a life preserver from the USS West Virginia, pulled from the water after the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, which sold for $495,000. An Enigma machine, used by the Germans to encrypt top-secret messages during World War II, and the sole copy of the Atlantic Charter, the 1941 document created and signed by Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, each sold for $250,000. The American Treasures event pulled in nearly $5 million total. It pays to know your history.

John F. Kennedy rocking chair



Photo: Heritage Auctions, HA.com



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