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How Do You Get These Prices?

Why Are These Prices Important to Me?

  • There is no set retail price for many of the antiques that you’ll have the opportunity to buy. Therefore, the prices of similar items sold in the past are a significant indicator to help you establish the fair price of an item. Of course, every situation is unique. The item’s condition, changes in the market, etc. will all affect the final price of an antique. Note that the prices listed here are actual sale prices or asking prices.

Are These Prices Still Relevant to Me If They’re Old?

  • Yes, they can show you trends and can be used for various legal matters, such as settling estates.

How Do I Search For a Specific Item?

  • Click into the white box to the left of the blue “Search” button and type in your search terms. They can be as specific or as general as you want. For example, the search term “guitar” will yield all antiques and collectibles with the word guitar in the description. The search “Beatles guitar” is more specific and will return all items with both the word “Beatles” and the word “guitar” in the description.
  • Keep in mind, searching “Beatles guitar” and “Beatles guitars” will give you different results, so be sure to try multiple searches!

How Do I Browse Through the Prices?

  • In addition to searching for specific items, you can also browse through categories of antique prices. To do so, move your mouse over the blue “Price Guide” tab near the top of the website. A dropdown menu will appear with many categories. Scroll down to the category you’re interested in and click on it. From there, you will be a brought to a page with even more subcategories; click on the subcategory that you’re interested in and begin looking through the items.

Where Can I Learn More About These Items?

  • This website contains a wealth of information about many of these antiques. Explore our free weekly ezine, Kovels Komments, for more information or upgrade to a Premium subscription for access to Editor’s Picks, The Collector’s Gallery, Hotlines, On the Road, and more. All of these sections include a great deal of exclusive information about antiques and collectibles, including more prices, pictures, information on trends and detailed analyses by our experts.

Why Aren’t There Pictures for All the Items?

  • Since we report only on items being sold—and on thousands of items—you can imagine the logistics of getting pictures of every item. Still, the price guide offers hundreds of full color pictures in a variety of categories.

How Do I Buy These Items?

  • The Kovels do not sell or buy antiques. They write about antiques in their monthly newsletter, on this website, in a syndicated newspaper column, and in books. The items listed on the website were sold or offered at auctions, shops, shows or flea markets in the year noted in the listing.

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