Q My childhood teddy bear is, I am told, a Steiff and valuable. What determines the price?

A Some Steiff teddy bears sell for thousands of dollars but many things influence the price. A real Steiff should have a button in the ear that says Steiff. The high priced bears are old and have mohair fabric in a rare color. White, lavender, black or red is best. Older bears are stuffed with straw, kapok, excelsior or sawdust not polyester. Any nylon or plastic part suggests a newer bear, lower price. Very large and very small bears are expensive. ”Well-loved” (tattered) bears used to be okay, but now collectors want toys in almost perfect condition.

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  1. Alissa1982 says:

    I have a old teddy bear and I’m wondering what it’s worth. It’s from the 1900’s and has a button on its back and is about 3 inches tall. It’s legs, arms and head move.

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