Q McDonald’s sold Happy Meals in plastic pumpkin pails that could be used for trick or treating probably 30 years ago. Are they worth anything?

A McDonald’s Happy Meals, kids’ meals with a small toy included, were first sold in 1979. McDonald’s Halloween pails were first issued in 1986 and included three orange pails, McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk’n. They were issued again in 1987. Similar plastic pails were offered for several years in different colors. In 1989 the pails were three characters, McGoblin (orange), McGhost (white), and McWitch (green). In 1990 the colors were neon and glow-in-the-dark; in 1992 they came with cookie cutter lids. In 1994 the witch was purple instead of green. The pails, in good condition, sell online for about $5 each.

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