Q I have many Hot Wheels vehicles from the 1970s. I have noticed the Red Baron car with a white interior is worth a lot of money. I have a Red Baron car with a black interior. Can you give me more information about these cars and is the one with the black interior worth anything?

A In 1968, Monogram, a company that made model kits, introduced a hot rod kit that had a WWI German helmet and an Iron Cross on the radiator. A Hot Wheels die-cast metal version called the Red Baron was made in 1970 and became popular, probably due to the ”Peanuts” cartoon character Snoopy and his imaginary battles with the Red Baron. Red Baron cars with a white interior are rare ? fewer than 10 are known to exist and none have ever been seen in original packaging. It may have been a prototype or a very small production run, but Hot Wheels price guides list them as worth $3,000. Repro Red Barons with white interiors were made in the 1990s and have little value. Most ”redline” (red stripe around the tires) Red Baron vehicles made from 1970 to 1979 were made with a black interior and those sell for about $20 to $40. The vehicle has been re-designed many times since.

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