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Q: I found a 25-piece set of Golden Wheat dishes in my mother’s attic. The mark on each dish include the words, “Golden Wheat, Made in USA, 22K Gold, Oven Proof,” with a sheaf of wheat on each side. The set includes six dinner plates, six salad plates and a few serving pieces, but only a couple cups, saucers and soup bowls. What is the set worth?

A: Golden Wheat dishes were premiums first inserted in boxes of Duz detergent during the 1950s. Each month, a different packaged dish was inserted in a box of detergent. The pattern is a realistic image of five standing sheaves of wheat, and the rim of each dish was edged in gold. There is disagreement about the company that made the dishes, because the very same mark was used by Scio Pottery of Scio, Ohio; Homer Laughlin China Co. of Newell, W.Va.; and French Saxon China Co. of Sebring, Ohio. It is possible all three pottery companies made dishes for Duz. Because so many dishes were made and so many people saved them, they are not rare and prices are low. Another problem is that defining a “set” is impossible because many of the dishes made it into homes one at a time. We have seen a 22-piece set offered for $35.



#2 Golden wheatChicypoo 2018-08-20 16:48
Have recently purchased some of these place settings...are the microwave safe?
#1 Golden wheatCrossings 2015-06-18 15:48
I purchased a collection of Golden Wheat, some pieces are marked as such but others are unmarked. Can you tell me the makers by the following differences?
Some pieces have double circles on the bottoms in the China itself.
Others pieces have one ring.
While others have no rings or in other words completely plain on the bottoms.

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