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Collectors Questions

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  • Index Typewriter

    Q: I’d like to sell our Hall Type Writer. It’s in a wooden case and has this plate that says “Manufactured for National Typewriter Co.” and serial number 8648. It doesn’t have the traditional typewriter letter keys. What is it worth?


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  • Tin Toys

    Q: I found some old tin toys in my grandmother’s attic. There is a trolley that says “City Passenger Car” on the side. It’s pulled by two tin horses that need some repair. I always asked to see it when I was a child, and “see” was all that was allowed! Are these worth anything?


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  • Josef Originals Figurines

    Q: I have five figurines that are at least fifty years old and have paper labels that say “Josef Original California.” Do they have any value or are they just plaster?


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  • World War I Souvenir Handkerchiefs

    Q: My husband’s mother left us a handkerchief, 12 inches square, and framed. It is white silk, embroidered with the words “Souvenir of the Great War” within a circle of nine flags. The flags represent the U.S., Romania, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Belgium, Great Britain, France and one I can’t identify with a center red circle and red bands like rays. The handkerchief has 1 1/2-inch-wide lace trim all around. We know nothing about it and would love some information.


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  • Camp Custer Postcards

    Q: I recently found in my possession a cardboard cylinder with the original address from a solider at Camp Custer, Michigan. It was sent to my aunt on January 21, 1918. Inside is a postcard of a view of the entire camp taken from an airplane. There is also an “in camp & out” postcard with nine sections making fun of the army. What are these things worth and where can I sell them?


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  • World War II Savings Bond Stamp Books

    Q: I have a 25 cents stamp album issued for the purchase of a war savings bond during World War II. It took 75 stamps ($18.75) to fill the book. The book I have has $12.50 in stamps. Does this have any monetary value?


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  • Edward Jean Steichen Photography

    Q: During World War II, my father was in the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Washington, D.C., in the photo lab under the direction of Edward Steichen. I have about 200 black and white photos depicting the war that were taken by Steichen and many of his handpicked photographers. I also have a letter addressed to my father thanking him for his service and signed by Steichen. I have the photos in archival pages and moisture proof albums. Is there anything else I should be doing to preserve them? Is there any value to them?


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  • Lipstick Tubes

    Q: I went to an estate sale that had a great collection of vintage lipstick tubes. These were ornate lipstick tubes, even mini works of art in gold, silver, wood, bakelite, celluloid, and enamel. There were at least 250 of them. Each tube had a piece of paper rolled inside with the date it was purchased, from the 1920s through the 1940s. I bought several tubes but regret not buying the lot. Was there any monetary value to this collection?


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  • Music Box with Jacot and Sons Safety Check

    Q: What is an antique music box in excellent running condition worth? It’s marked inside “Jacot’s ‘Safety Check,’ Patented April 10, 1883 and Sept. 22, 1886.” It plays eight songs and is 22 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches high.


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  • Sarreguemines Pottery

    Q: We’d like some information about Lorraine Sarreguemines pottery. We have many pieces and are trying to decide whether to sell them or buy more to complete the set.


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