Q: My grandmother gave me her antique water basin, a very large pitcher and a smaller matching water pitcher. She said the smaller pitcher was for hot water. The wash basin set was given to her as a wedding gift in 1907. All three pieces are plain white. On the bottom, each piece is marked “Yale” in gold on a banner. Since this set is a family heirloom, it will not be sold, but I would like to know the history of the company.

A: Wash sets like yours were used in the days before indoor plumbing. The large pitcher was used to pour water into the basin for washing and the smaller pitcher was used when brushing teeth. The Yale mark was one of several marks used between 1882 and 1925 by the Potters Co-Operative Co. of East Liverpool, Ohio. The company made hotel ware, white ware and some decorated ware. The name of the company became Dresden Pottery Co. in 1925. It went out of business in 1927. Your set was made between 1882 and 1907.