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  • Antique Painted Furniture Pleases

    Antique Painted Furniture Pleases

    An Ohio sale that featured painted furniture was standing room only. Collectors were drawn to pieces with original paint like this powder blue hooded dry sink. Primed for more painted...

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  • Shaker Sewing Tools Sell

    Shaker Sewing Tools Sell

    The best Shaker sewing items held their value at auction in Connecticut. This 1850 two-tiered spool holder reflects the craftsmanship that is typical of everyday Shaker items. Many of the...

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  • Gorham Silver Shines

    Gorham Silver Shines

    This Gorham Martelé silver tray was the top lot in a Boston auction at more than $8,000. Buyers still appreciate the look and feel of a piece of high-quality silver....

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  • Chanel Clicks with Collectors

    Chanel Clicks with Collectors

    Today Chanel is a classic, but in 1925 her clothes were revolutionary. Buyers still pay strong prices for a brand with a place in fashion history. At a fall sale...

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  • Lenci Dolls

    Lenci Dolls

    Lenci dolls stand for quality in the doll market. A sale in Maryland offered early Lenci dolls like this stylish 1927 girl with characteristic side-glancing eyes and hand-painted features. See...

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  • The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

    The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

    New York City’s Four Seasons Restaurant is moving out of Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building on Manhattan’s east side after 57 years. The majority of the contents from the...

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