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  • Banking on Razor Blade Safes

    Banking on Razor Blade Safes

    “Why don’t you ever write about my collection?” Sometimes, it’s because it is not often seen in an average show or sale. So, when father and son collectors Jack and...

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  • Target Balls

    Target Balls

    Looking for a collectible that’s different? Try target balls. Don't know what a target ball is? It was a favored sports necessity 100 years ago.          

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  • Toy Merry-Go-Round Round Up

    Toy Merry-Go-Round Round Up

    Windup merry-go-rounds and carousels are enticing toys. Figures other than horses, like bicycles, airplanes or blimps, attract higher bids. This German example with zeppelins and children goes plink-plank as it...

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  • Modern German Furniture

    Modern German Furniture

    German furniture from the 20th century is selling well. Midcentury pieces like this Helmut Magg desk often feature wood veneers mixed with Formica. They may have plastic and steel. Find...

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  • Duesenberg SSJ Sets Auction Record

    Duesenberg SSJ Sets Auction Record

    Collector cars were selling at record-setting prices during Monterey Car Week in California last month. A 1935 Duesenberg SSJ was sold by Gooding & Co. for an unexpectedly high $22...

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  • Pyrex Stamped JAJ

    Pyrex Stamped JAJ

    Q: A friend of mine has a huge set of china (at least, I think it’s china) marked “JAJ” over a crown and “Made in England.” Can you tell us...

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