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Top 15 Amazing Finds: True Stories of Unexpected Treasures in Unlikely Places

Spring cleaning and thrift shopping can be pretty lucrative! We are not kidding. Over the years, we have loved sharing stories about how cleaning closets and basements and going to flea markets and thrift stores can uncover treasures.

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Vintage Mechanical Banks: Moving Experiences 

Cast iron mechanical banks from 19th and early 20th century have been popular collectibles since the 1950s. Now, even refurbished and re-painted banks are selling for high prices, including this restored 1887 Mason bank. Find more prices and pictures and read about how they work. 

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When Is an Old Sweater a Treasure Worth Thousands?

An old red wool cardigan sweater grabbed a lot of attention at a recent auction. A hint as to why can be found in the collar: a label embroidered with “Kennedy” still attached by sturdy red threads. The sweater sold for $85,266 in an online sale by Boston-based RR Auction.

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G.V. Segovia Mark

Q: We’ve had this plate for several years. I believe we got it in Germany or Spain. We’re just wondering if it has any value. I don’t think I spent over $25 for it. The mark is a crown above a shield with “GV” above a picture of some kind of architectural structure and “Segovia” below that. Beneath the shield is a banner that says “Fundado en 1861.” Next is “Decorado bajo el barniz, Inalterable a los Detergentes.” Last is the number “7811.”

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