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  • Fisher-Price Toys Pull in Collectors

    Fisher-Price Toys Pull in Collectors

    Fisher-Price toys have stayed popular since 1930 and there are versions for every decade. Collectors look for wooden versions of perennial favorites like this 1964 Pull-A-Tune Xylophone. Wooden pull toys...

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  • Grandfather Clocks are Timeless Treasures

    Grandfather Clocks are Timeless Treasures

    Tall case clocks, better known as grandfather clocks, have always attracted collectors. This Federal tall case clock was made by the well-known Boston clockmaker Aaron Willard and sold for thousands...

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  • Delft Treasures at Auction

    Delft Treasures at Auction

    At a recent Pennsylvania auction, collectors clamored for antique Delft with Chinese-inspired decoration like this 18th century pilgrim flask. Delft meant for everyday use and even drinking games sold well....

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  • Military Collectibles Go for Major Bids

    Military Collectibles Go for Major Bids

    Military collectibles made before the 1900s sold well at a recent Massachusetts auction. The most important and valuable pieces are connected with a significant person, ship, or event. Discover the...

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  • Collectors Stick with Hatpins

    Collectors Stick with Hatpins

    Don’t be fooled by a fantasy hatpin! Hatpins from the 1860s to 1920s held large hats to large hairdos. Bidders stuck with expensive gold and amethyst pins or low-priced pins...

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  • History of Christmas Ornaments

    History of Christmas Ornaments

    Many collectors of Christmas ornaments treasure them for sentimental reasons, but they can also be quite valuable.          

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  • Collectors Go Big for Western

    Collectors Go Big for Western

    This eight-foot-tall Mail Pouch sign brought the highest bid at a recent three-day sale of western goods. Buffalo Bill ephemera, cigar tins, cowboy boots, calendars, and more captured the spirit...

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