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  • Bobbleheads Get the Nod

    Bobbleheads Get the Nod

    Bobbleheads, with oversized, bouncing heads, first grabbed sports memorabilia collectors’ attention in the mid-20th century. Also called nodders, these figures represent hundreds of sports teams, mascots and players – like...

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  • Silver Tableware Shines

    Silver Tableware Shines

    Decorative silver items are durable and versatile. Collectors use their silver pieces and also display them. This Tiffany pitcher has retained its beauty for more than 100 years. For more...

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  • Toys Move Collectors

    Toys Move Collectors

    Nostalgia and reliving childhoods are what draws collectors to vintage toys. Antique transportation toys evoke images of bygone times. Original paint and good condition drive prices higher. This tin lithograph...

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  • Fierce Following for Fiesta

    Fierce Following for Fiesta

    Since 1936, Fiesta tableware has enjoyed a large and ever-growing following. Color is its most notable draw. Rare colors like this Sapphire hostess tray get higher prices. Join the party...

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  • Springer Furniture's Modern Allure

    Springer Furniture's Modern Allure

    Karl Springer’s luxury furniture is known for its unconventional materials and shapes. Explore the world of Springer furniture.          

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  • Market Trends – Hot Wheels, Childhood Favorites Are Popular Collectibles

    Market Trends – Hot Wheels, Childhood Favorit…

    First offered by Mattel Inc., in 1968, Hot Wheels are still a popular toy and now, collectible. Sales topped $16 million in the first year and have hardly slowed since....

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  • Out of the Ordinary Sets the Tone

    Out of the Ordinary Sets the Tone

    How do you find a taxidermied "mermaid"? This one sold at a recent auction for "out of the ordinary" items that rarely are sold. These discoveries can be a highlight...

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