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kovels august 2021 newsletter

Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles August 2021 Newsletter Now Available

Kovels’ August 2021 newsletter features Victorian baby rattles, Indianapolis 500 memorabilia, Wedgwood majolica, Lalique glass, and modern chairs, all with photos and prices.

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beaubourg chair

Modern Chairs Have Form, Function 

Midcentury modern style chairs embrace that era’s groundbreaking designs. Many are sought after by today’s collectors, like this Beaubourg chair, designed for the Pompidou Center in Paris. Sit down and enjoy chairs and their high prices.

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digital alibaba cloud pin olympic games tokyo 2020

Getting Pinned: A Digital Olympic Pin

Olympic pins are always highly sought after by collectors who have made pin trading a huge part of the Olympic experience. For the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, tech giant Alibaba is digitizing the practice of exchanging pins with something called the Alibaba Cloud Pin. Read more about it.

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diamond dyes advertising cabinet

Diamond Dyes Cabinet

Q: We found this old Diamond Dyes cabinet in the basement of an old drugstore in 1962. It looks like it’s made of cherry. It’s 28 1/2 inches high, 12 1/2 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. The compartments inside are eight across and seven rows deep. There are a few pamphlets, sample cards, and packages of dye in the compartments. Some of the pamphlets are stamped with the name of the pharmacist, who bought the store in 1905 and ran it until he died in the 1940s. What is the value of this cabinet?

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Kovels Antiques, Inc., was founded by Ralph and Terry Kovel. Hailed as “the duke and duchess of the antiques world,” they have written more than 100 books and special reports about collecting. Their bylined column is the longest-running syndicated weekly column in the country, distributed to more than 150 newspapers. Their guides include the annual Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, which has sold over 4 million copies since its first edition.

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