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  • Art Nouveau Furniture, Never Out of Style

    Art Nouveau Furniture, Never Out of Style

    French furniture designed during the Art Nouveau period always sells well at auction. Artists like Émile Gallé and Louis Majorelle looked to the natural world for inspiration, picturing curvy plants...

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  • Sail Away with Maritime Antiques

    Sail Away with Maritime Antiques

    Maritime antiques appeal to a wide range of collectors. Sailors would make unique items on long voyages like this scrimshaw tooth that is engraved on one side with two single-masted...

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  • Unsung French Ceramicists

    Unsung French Ceramicists

    Mass-produced ceramics made in France after World War II can be discovered at flea markets and house sales in the United States. They are now coming up at auction and...

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  • Barbie Has Never Looked Better

    Barbie Has Never Looked Better

    This original No. 1 blond ponytail Barbie sold for a hefty sum in Ohio. Barbie has been a nurse, doctor, vet, teacher, lawyer, politician, engineer, astronaut—even a rock star—and she...

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  • Tobacco-Related Collectibles Spark Interest

    Tobacco-Related Collectibles Spark Interest

    Collectors fanned the flames for highly desirable tobacciana items at auction in California. A rare bronze winged devil and dragon cigar lighter, once mistaken for an inkwell, took top lot....

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