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July 25 Is National Merry-Go-Round Day! Time for Some Carousel Trivia!

July 25 Is National Merry-Go-Round Day! Time for Some Carousel Trivia!

July 25 Is National Merry-Go-Round Day! Join us in some carousel trivia! If you have been reading Kovels Komments over the years, you should know the answers to most of these questions:  What is the difference between a merry-go round and a carousel? How do you know if you have an American or a British carousel horse? When were merry-go-rounds popular?  What is the most expensive carousel animal? And more …

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automobile mascot

Auto Hood Ornaments Add Flair 

Travel through time with our story on automobile hood ornaments, or mascots, that were popular to the 1930s. Many were whimsical and fun, such as this 1930 bronze, Art Deco Speed Head example. Buckle your seat belt and find more examples and prices. 

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500 year old copy of leonardo da vinci painting salvator mundi found in naples italy 2021

500-year-old Copy of a Masterpiece Was Missing … But Nobody Noticed 

A brazen theft of a 500-year-old painting went unnoticed for months because the Doma Museum collection within the San Domenico Maggiore church complex in Naples, Italy, was closed due to COVID restrictions. But the Italian police have found the copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi in a Naples flat and returned it.

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level can opener tool

Can Opener

Q: Can you tell me what this is and what it does? I think it says “tool steel tempered.”

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