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  • A Typo and Another Treasure

    A Typo and Another Treasure

    Four sharp-eyed readers caught the error in our June 26 ezine. They were smarter than the three proofreaders who checked our copy before it was put online. It’s a classic...

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Collectors' Concerns
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  • Hummel Chimney Sweep

    Hummel Chimney Sweep

    Q: This figurine of a boy carrying a ladder says “Goebel. W. Germany” on the base and is impressed “ M J Hummel.” The numbers pressed into the bottom appear...

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Mystery Marks
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  • Plant Tuscan Tea Set

    Plant Tuscan Tea Set

    Q: I’d like to know the age and value of a child's three-piece tea set. It’s marked “Plant Tuscan China” above a crown with two wings and “Made in England.”...

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