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vintage the beatles abbey road record album framed

Top 5 Gift Suggestions for the Dad In Your Life!

In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, wanted to honor her father in the same way mothers were honored on Mother’s Day. The idea caught on and in 1972, Congress made the third Sunday of June the official holiday. Here are some interesting vintage and collectible presents we think will make fathers smile this year.

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historical staffordshire vegetable bowl arms of virginia

Historical Staffordshire China 

A collection of rare and coveted Staffordshire historical blue transfer-decorated china is getting high prices. For more information, and for prices of pieces like this 1825 vegetable dish that pictures the Arms of Virginia, see Kovels’ sale report.

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1933 us gold double eagle coin with lady liberty american eagle

Gold Coin Turned Out To Be Gold Mine!

This $20 face-value coin was a good investment! A never-circulated, 1933 U.S. gold coin sold for a record $18.87 million at a New York auction in June. The Double Eagle, with the image of Lady Liberty on one side and an American eagle on the other, was the last U.S. gold coin made. Right after it was made, President Franklin D. Roosevelt removed America from the gold standard and ordered the coins destroyed, except for two given to the Smithsonian Institution. However, in 1937, several of the coins appeared on the market, sparking a Secret Service investigation in 1944 that ruled that the coins had been stolen from the US government and were illegal to own.


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ae nippon doll and mark

AE Nippon Doll

Q: I’m writing about a 24-inch doll my mother left to me. My mother was born in 1926. The doll’s arms, wrists, legs, and neck are all moving joints. Her eyes close when she lies down, and I believe her hair is real. Her face looks porcelain but I don’t know what the body is. The back of the doll’s neck is marked with the letters “AE” within a rectangle and “Made in Nippon.” I’m hoping you can tell me something about the doll and what it might be worth.

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