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Latest News (View All) Top 14 Antiques & Collectibles Searches in 2020

The Kovels’ Top 14 list is based on hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on our website in 2020. The searches offer a glimpse into what collectors are looking to buy or sell. Collectors go to, the Internet’s source for expert-reviewed antiques and collectibles prices and information.

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Button, Button … Vintage, Pinback Buttons  

Early and mid-20th century pinback message buttons attracted high prices in the auction of a recent single collection. The sale had advertising, political and sports buttons, including this celluloid advertising button with 24 Boston Red Sox players.

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Bird-Watching Hike Unearths More Than Just Some Feathered Friends 

A British bird-watcher went for a walk last fall, pausing at one point to watch some buzzards and magpies in a field. Looking down, he spotted something shiny. It was a very old, hand-hewn coin. It seems that bird-watching can lead to uncovering historic treasures. 

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Scribblers Inks & Paste Crock

Q: I bought this crock about 25 years ago at an antiques shop in Washington State. It says “Scribblers Inks & Paste, Seattle, U.S.A.” The crock and lid are in perfect condition. It’s 8 inches high and 7 inches wide. Was it made before Washington became a state? Can you tell me anything about the company, what this crock used for and what it’s worth?

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