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  • Are Antiques a Good Investment?  Part II, 1977 – 2017

    Are Antiques a Good Investment? Part II, 197…

    The Kovels compare 1977 prices with today's prices. Antiques were selling well in 1976–1977.          

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  • Rookwood Large and Small

    Rookwood Large and Small

    Rookwood has been popular with collectors for over 100 years. Smaller useful pieces are sometimes overlooked like this 1928 pencil holder. Like many other pieces in an Ohio auction, it...

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  • Postmodern Furniture – Flat and Fantastic

    Postmodern Furniture – Flat and Fantastic

    A rare auction was held in Chicago featuring many unique furniture pieces by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, two designers who led the postmodern movement in America. This “Art...

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  • Tramp Art, Resourceful Art

    Tramp Art, Resourceful Art

    Tramp art is a folk art that dates from the turn of the 20th century. The furniture and other wood pieces were made by carpenters, stonemasons and DIY folks from...

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  • Time-Tested Wristwatches

    Time-Tested Wristwatches

    Wristwatches have been collected since they were used by soldiers in WWI. Collectors know the big brands but middle market watches are great buys. Watches keep us running on time...

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  • Steuben Glass Shines

    Steuben Glass Shines

    Sleek, luminous, clear glass animals delighted collectors at a recent auction in Boston. Butterflies, rabbits, seahorses and pigs, like this one from 1964, were made by well-known designers at Steuben....

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