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  • Silver Serving Pieces for the Thanksgiving Table

    Silver Serving Pieces for the Thanksgiving Ta…

    Unique silver flatware serving pieces meant to serve specific foods have been made since Victorian times. Make the meal even more special with some of these pieces.            

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  • Free Thanksgiving Table Place Cards

    Free Thanksgiving Table Place Cards

    Enjoy a special gift from the Kovels — free printable vintage-style place cards for your Thanksgiving table. There are six different festive designs on one sheet. Just download, print, cut, add the...

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  • Happy #whatsitwednesday!

    Happy #whatsitwednesday!

    Be the first to guess what the pictured item is by leaving a comment below. If you have your own whatsit, our editors can include it in a future post....

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  • Titanic Victim's Pocket Watch Auctioned

    Titanic Victim's Pocket Watch Auctioned

    A Russian passenger, Sinai Kantor, drowned on the Titanic’s fatal journey. His body was recovered eight days later, embalmed, identified, and then buried in New York. His wife survived the...

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  • World War I Medal

    World War I Medal

    Q: I’d like to know something about this World War I medal that belonged to my grandfather. It has a figure of a woman with big wings, holding a palm...

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  • Grindley Plate

    Grindley Plate

    Q: I found this broken plate in the backyard at Mum’s in Australia. It was in a rubbish pit of the previous 19th-century house that had bottles buried in 1900-1910....

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