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  • Collectors Crave Character Toys

    Collectors Crave Character Toys

    Collectors got wound up when comic character toys hit the market at a toy auction in New Jersey. This 1926 brightly colored Jiggs bumper car drove bidding into the thousands....

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  • Scandinavian Designers Light Up the Market

    Scandinavian Designers Light Up the Market

    Lighting by Scandinavian designers is going up in price. This 1950s Artichoke lamp by Poul Henningsen sold at a recent Chicago auction. The design has been copied by many companies...

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  • Antique Oyster Plates

    Antique Oyster Plates

    Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and eat oysters on the half shell. The Victorians preferred to eat the delicacies from elegant plates that cradled the craggy shells....

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  • Old Tools Sell High

    Old Tools Sell High

    They just don’t make them like they used to. Old tools bring high prices at auction, not only because of high quality workmanship, but also because of the historical value....

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  • Walter Lamb Outdoor Furniture Is Hot

    Walter Lamb Outdoor Furniture Is Hot

    Walter Lamb designed patio furniture that captured the classic elegance and style of the 1950s. Collectors at a California auction clamored for Lamb pieces like this chaise lounge that brought...

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