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bronze mermaid fountain

Top 5 Tips for Antiques in Outdoor Rooms, Gardens 

Antique outdoor furniture and décor is especially popular this year as the trend continues to create outdoor living spaces. Here are 5 tips on creating an inviting garden space with antique and vintage finds.

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Silhouette of the Crawford Family

Antique and Vintage Silhouettes Popular Again

Everyday life, people captured in antique silhouettes. Silhouettes were popular from 1790 to 1840 and are back in style. Collectors are paying high prices for antique silhouettes like this portrait of the Crawford Family. See some others and read about these detailed pieces of history. 

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u.s.a. pennies in buried box and coded message

Found! Map Leads Man to Buried Treasure Near His Childhood Home 

It was a treasure hunt prepared as a beyond-the-grave adventure for a then 10-year-old “grandson.” And it all started with a letter and a friendship that became a family. When Sky Rys was 10 years old, a family friend gave him a “map” written in code. The instructions were “. . . when I kick the bucket, you can decipher this code and find the buried treasure I hid for you.”

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porcelain figurine box tray vanity dresser set

Vanity Set

Q: I’m trying to identify a vanity set that belonged to my great-grandmother. I believe it’s a Schaefer & Vater piece. It is made in pink porcelain, antiqued in a soft green. The figurine is of an Asian woman sitting cross-legged in a kimono and holding a fan. Holes in her head hold hatpins. The hair receiver has a women’s face with headdress and either enamel or glaze “jewels.” There is also a little dish with a “jewel.” I’d like to verify if this piece is a Schaefer & Vater piece, the age, any history, and value.

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