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drink coca-cola thermometer cigar style shape

Antique Thermometers Are Hot Decorative Elements

In many parts of the country, days alternate being mild or freezing with no regard to the dates on the calendar. Before the days of the weather channel and radar reports of fronts, thermometers helped people plan their days. Thermometers with advertising for businesses or products first appeared in the early 1900s. Here are 6 examples with recent auction prices.

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Packard Synchromatic 5700 toy car

The Toy Car Advantage

Some people love to put their vintage vehicles on display at big car shows. But toy car collectors can showcase dozens, even hundreds, of their cars and trucks at a time. And some have great value, like these beauties.

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sir anthony van dyck study for saint jerome painting

Painting Covered in Bird Droppings Valued Between $2 and $3 Million

If you happen to be in New England or upstate New York and hear of an estate or a garage sale at a barn or old farmhouse, check it out. We have heard of so many “lost” treasures, included vases and paintings, uncovered at these sales. The most recent example is an oil painting by 17th-century Flemish painter Sir Anthony van Dyck.


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pyrene brass soda acid fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Q: How I can find the age of this Pyrene Soda Acid fire extinguisher? It was made in Toronto, Canada.

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