Old, Old Ivory

Melting ice near Alaska has caused fossilized woolly mammoth bones and tusks and other ancient ivory to float to shore. Elephant ivory is not used by artists today because of endangered species laws. So modern tusk jewelry is carved from mammoth ivory that's over 12,000 years old. Some pieces are set with gemstones and sell for thousands of dollars.

mammoth ivory earring jewelry











Photo: (Earrings) Betteridge.com


#1 Mayflower forkflamingofamily 2012-11-14 18:22
Years ago a direct descendant from the Mayflower, Bertram Fuller was his name, gave me a fork. It has two tines that are very thin and a handle of either bone or ivory. It looks like the handle has thin slivers but they are not evident when you touch it. Don't think I want to sell it, he passed about 20 yrs ago. He had handmade toys that were on the Mayflower, he donated them to a small museum with the understanding they never leave the town and not to be sold. They sold them. He never learned to read, but was talented with old tools.

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