Fishing Gear Sells

Fishing tackle is collected by a special group of buyers who understand the beauty of a fishing lure and the skill needed to make one. There are special auctions. Best-known are the two each year by Lang’s Auction in New York. Lang's sold the record-priced 1859 Haskell Minnow lure for $101,200 in 2003. Antique fishing equipment is often sold at shows for sportsmen that sell new fishing equipment as well as at antiques events. More information is in “Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine.” Online you can find over 2,200 prices listed at price guide under “fishing.”


giant haskell minnow lure











Photo: Lang's Auction, Inc.


#1 tracylago 2013-01-31 14:32
My dad had a charter boat on lake michigan for salmon. I wonder if his old tackle and equipment is worth anything?

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