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Shaker oval box

Shaker Boxes: The Beauty of Function 

Shaker containers — boxes, baskets and buckets — were simply constructed, simply functional and simply beautiful. In the 19th century, the Shakers made them for their utility, not decoration. Yet collectors love them for their looks. Discover collectors’ true affection for these modest objects.

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kraft mac and cheese macaroni logo and packaging 2022

Give Us Just Mac & Cheese — Literally, With Name Change 

Foodies and advertising collectors might want to start stocking up on Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes. After 85 years of offering the easy-to-make lunch and dinner, Kraft Heinz Co. just  announced that they are updating the name and box design.

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antique porcelain head doll leather body

Antique Doll

Q: I have a 19th-century doll that belonged to my grandmother. The doll is 17 inches tall with a porcelain head and a stuffed leather body. Her hair is styled in a long braid down her back. I was told that her wig is human hair. She has pierced ears and blue glass eyes that move. She wears a skirt, a petticoat, and pantaloons under her maroon coat. I haven’t found any markings on her, but a medal embossed “Souvenir, International Range Cattle & Horse Growers Association, Denver 1886” is tied to her waist. Can you tell me any history and value of the doll?

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