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The pictured item is 29 1/2 inches in diameter.

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Photo: Bright Star Antiques Co.

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15 responses to “It’s #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. says:

    Answer from Kovels: It’s an early copper life buoy.

  2. auntyem says:

    I agree with Jody’s Jewelry, since she has an item like it, and since I am 82 years, I think I have seen such decorative crowns around the pipes for old stoves and heaters

  3. TRay says:

    Thank you, mikee, for accelerating my tire goof…believe it or not, I was only funnin’ — but I wasn’t far wrong. After writing my silly guess, I researched the diameter of a Model T tire and to my surprise I was short by only half an inch. I then read the other answers, thinking, I was out-goofed by one of them — a copper lifebuoy!?! Ha! Yeah, sure, throw me something metal when I’m going down! But being curious, I researched PPiman’s answer….dang if PP ain’t right! After all, in old-style toilets, the float was made of copper! Boy, is my face flushed!

  4. Beejaycee says:

    Picture frame?

  5. mikee says:

    TRay is so close to the answer. Size is exactly same as Model T Ford tire. It is an early and unsuccessful attempt at making a run flat tire. Few exist. This was probably never used, and why this one is in such good condition. Perhaps someone’s grandmother found it in the storage compartment of the Ford and used it as a decoration.

  6. JodysJewelry says:

    The item pictured is a ‘crown’ around the place where a wood stove exhaust pipe goes into the wall and joins with the flue to the chimney. I believe. At least that is what ours looks like.

  7. bbritt says:

    Place Xmas cards in the slots to make a holiday wreath.

  8. Hookman says:

    It’s obviously a High Fashion collar from the Art Deco period of the ’20’s, back when everything Egyptian was cool !
    Maybe it’s an Antenna for that Philco TV on the previous page, you know, a portable one, or a spare.

    If I had it I would lay it flat on my desk and put my business cards in it.

    You know how everyone keeps the Christmas cards you receive and displays them until New Years, right? This is a Christmas Card display rack. It sat on the counter at your local Western Auto Store.

    It looks too solid to be a Slinky.

  9. TRay says:

    Two-and-a-half feet across precludes it from the petrified doughnut category. Mirror frame is a reasonable guess, Martyiw…but what fun is that? I’m going with spare tire cover for a Model T, circa 1917.

  10. zvicki says:

    It looks like a spring to me, something that fits around another object, like a washer?

  11. PPiman says:

    A copper lifebouy .

  12. Lgee428 says:

    The frame for a wreath?

  13. Martyiw says:

    Mirror frame?

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