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The pictured item is approximately 22 1/2 by 11 by 1 3/4 inches.

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Photo: Value Art

11 responses to “Happy #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. says:

    Pictured is an iron weather vane with an unusual ball, feather and arrow design.

  2. zvicki says:

    I’m guessing more of a door bell. Something one can run a finger across the dropped shapes to form a tune, letting home owner know someone is at the door?

  3. cdbommarito says:

    An anchor for a boat

  4. limerickey says:

    I’m thinking some kind of tuning fork, or perhaps a musical percussion instrument.

  5. Hookman says:

    Ahh Yes, I haven’t seen one of these in many, many years. This is that extremely rare musical instrument called an ” Arroball “. Do you see that handle on the bottom right side? That handle actually moves in and out like the slide on a Kazoo. The three balls are manipulated back and forth by your left hand while your right works the slide in and out. Manipulating the balls causes air to be pushed down, through and out the curved arrow, in the direction of the arrow, which said air is then further manipulated by the relative positioning of the “kazoo” handle.
    This instrument plays a very melancholy sound, said to be similar to that of a small pipe organ…..with only three pipes and one foot pedal.
    However, I kinda like it.

    This item could also be a 1920’s – 1930’s Art Deco weather vane, such as might be found in the garden of a Vanderbilt, or a Carnegie, or even a Rockefeller.

  6. 4oregonz says:

    A footed music sheet stand. Top part only.

  7. EJC says:

    Looks like a metal curtain tieback or a shutter latch

  8. grandmax7 says:

    An instrument to show the direction of the wind.

  9. rulamarr1960 says:

    A decorative gate handle would be my guess.

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