Pictured is a table sent to us by a reader.  It has stumped us too!  We are asking for your help in its identification. The owner told us it is a folding table with sides that fan out. The pedestal in the center has wheels. It was found in an old store building that had an opera house on the third floor and a drugstore on the first floor. Later there was a clothing and general store on the second floor.

The pictured item is 20 1/2 by 20 1/2 inches, by 42 inches high.

If you have your own whatsit, our editors can include it in a future post. Please send an email to editor@kovels.com and attach a clear picture, the size and any markings. Hopefully, we will be able to identify it for our readers!


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Photo: A Kovels Reader

9 responses to “Happy #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. TRay says:

    The guesses are slow in coming….makes it difficult for me to ride someone’s coattails. But ride I must…..patty132 seems on the right path. My first inclination was that it’s a drying table, but the pedestal is too fancy for such a utilitarian purpose.

  2. Hookman says:

    This is an item that was brought over, in the 17th Century, from the old country, specifically Deutschland (Germany), where it was referred to as a Kinder Tinder (child tender). You sit the small child on the flat tabletop and raise the sides to keep the child out of trouble, and especially to keep the child out of Mom’s hair as she goes about her daily chores. It has wheels so the harried housewife can attach her apron strings to it, and pull it around behind her, thus keeping the child nearby and since the child is always within Mom’s reach, the child remains relatively quiet, easy to feed or shush.
    As modern inventions made the housewife’s workload less formidable, the Kinder Tinder was replaced, on the one hand, by the PlayPen, which performed the exact same function, but in a less restrictive way, and on yet another hand, by the Stroller, which released the apron strings and allowed the Mom to guide the Tinder from in front of her, which of course, gave the Mom the ability to do that which all Moms love to do the most, as they stroll through the neighborhood, present their beautiful child, face first, to all of her adoring acquaintances.

  3. scherer says:

    It’s a laundry drying rack

  4. gmg3isl3r says:

    Drying table for pasta; that would be some big linguini , but I would think it could be used to dry woolen sweaters; all though it appears that the sides can’t hinge up to the level position, so I’m stumped.

  5. limerickey says:

    It looks like a portable rack to hang clothes on hangers, either to dry or maybe for display in a store.

  6. dca says:

    I would say it is a display stand. Possibly to drape towels or table linens on.

  7. KH57 says:

    Antique Pasta drying table/rack

  8. patty132 says:

    To display ties or scarfs in a dept store

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