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The pictured item is 6 3/4 inches by 10 1/4 inches.

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Photo: Pook & Pook

23 responses to “Happy #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. says:

    Answer from Kovels: This is a punched tin foot warmer.

  2. Ladylotsostuff says:

    It’s a bed warmer

  3. TRay says:

    Critter cage, holder for incense, hot coals and moth balls….all are correct….it’s what they called “seasoning.” The ultimate use for this was as a coffee filter, for a certain chain of overpriced cups of java.

  4. woodstock66 says:

    Minnow bucket??

  5. flash472002 says:

    Incense burner, maybe.

  6. ponderosa says:

    A hot coal carrier and foot warmer made partly of wood. Good luck on that! Might be some sort of mouse or rat trap. Could be some sort of bait carrier.

  7. joerae says:

    Foot warmer.

  8. kerrybabyxx says:

    Mothball Holder

  9. goffin says:

    Foot warmer for a carriage maybe

  10. caaverill says:

    Looks like a burner for a kerosene stove.

  11. dca says:

    Portable heater, uses coal or wood embers.

  12. pakazoo says:

    Cricket cage or grasshopper cage fishing bait holder.

  13. Lynnrd says:

    A mouse trap..cheese or food goes in the round cage.

  14. Lynnrd says:

    A mouse trap..cheese or food goes in the round cage, pest is snapped on top.

  15. hunterfinder says:

    Live bait box.

  16. suziqz says:

    Foot Warmer

  17. Rocky19 says:

    It is a foot warmer, often used under a blanket in an open carriage.

  18. Wildkat says:

    Looks like a foot warmer for a buggy.

  19. sk8trgrrl says:

    Foot warmer?

  20. flamingopat says:

    It is a cricket cage , for fishing, you keep the cricket, (bait) in the ca It is similar to a minnow cage, which would be kept in the water to keep minnows

  21. jvdl says:

    Hot coal carrier.

  22. Tallulah761 says:

    A flour sifter?

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