Loosen the Sticky Stuff

Postage stamps, produce seals, or other gummed paper pieces that have stuck together can be separated with this simple trick: put them in a freezer overnight. The glue will loosen.

Don’t Leave Things in Old Books

Don’t leave paper clips, newspapers, pressed flowers or other memorabilia in old books. They will cause stains, bend pages and do other damage.

Storing Glassware

When storing dishes, glassware, and especially textiles, don’t use old newspapers for wrapping. The ink will come off and may leave permanent stains.

Washing Aluminum

Wash aluminum with mild dishwasher soap. Rinse, dry. If needed, use silver polish to add more luster. High temperatures in the dishwasher or oven will dull the shine.

Bank Collectors Look for Different Things

Collector preference has changed in mechanical bank collecting. The rarest banks were the most expensive from the 1950s to the 1980s. Now the collectors want great condition; almost perfect paint more than rarity.

Take Care with Olive Oil

Never use olive oil to treat a wooden bowl. It will turn rancid. If you used an olive oil-based salad dressing in the bowl at a meal, be sure to rinse the bowl.

Take Care with Antiques on the Holiday Table

When using antiques on a holiday table, be careful. Wax from candles can stain a cloth. Dishes may be stained from cranberry or other fruits. Flower containers are easily water stained. Vases and plants often stain wood; be sure to use a coaster or dish. Greens draped on pictures or marble can stain. Cellophane tape will leave a mark.

Accent Rug

Modern decorators often put a small accent rug on top of a big neutral one. It is also a good way to cover damage on an old rug.

Marilyn Monroe Statue Disappeared

Someone stole the statue of Marilyn Monroe from the “Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was on top of the tower-shaped gezebo. A man was seen sawing the statue and removing it on June 16, 2019. The only clue is some fingerprints.

Porcelain Repair

Several types of glue are needed to repair broken pottery and porcelain. Commercial glues found in a local hardware store are often satisfactory. Read labels. Some types work only with pieces that are porous. Others work only with pieces that are not porous. Instant glue is difficult to use if the break is complicated.