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You will find hundreds of sale reports with color pictures, descriptions, prices, and an explanation of what influences the highs or lows. For everything from toys to formal furniture, glass, pottery, silver and more, get the low-down on items both unique and useful. The sales reports give the history of factories and items, as well as prices. They will help you discover the value of your piece. Read bits of advice and tricks from how to find expensive antiques at bargain prices to why you need a bungee cord at a flea market.


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  • Turned on to Lovely Lamps
    An enlightened collector paid $12,320 for this 22-inch Duffner & Kimberly leaded glass lamp at a Massachusetts auction. We shed more light on the very best antique table lamps.
  • Scales
    Scales of all kinds had collectors weighing up their bids at an Ivey-Selkirk auction in Saint Louis.
  • Stools: Practical & Collectible
    Put your legs up and enjoy our short story about antique stools. The story includes this late-1800s Victorian mahogany stool with a padded leather top. It sold for $805 at a New Orleans auction.
  • Kestner Dolls
    You're never too old to collect dolls. This 25-inch Kestner baby doll made in prewar Germany has a bisque head, composition body, and human hair. She sold at auction for $900. We deliver more information on Kestner dolls.
  • Scary Stoneware
    Bidders locked horns over this stoneware devil jug at a North Carolina auction. The winner took the 16-inch jug home for $495. If you're a brave soul, turn to our article. We'll treat you to more stoneware face jugs, devil or not.
  • Special Forms Furniture
    These mahogany library steps reached all the way up to $575 at a South Carolina auction. Like other special pieces of antique furniture available at the auction, the steps still solve an everyday problem. See what we mean here.
  • Gas Pump Globes
    This Lion gasoline pump globe hitched a ride home with a bidder who paid $1,430 for the two-lens classic. Cruise over to our article to fill up on more information about old gas pump globes.
  • Victorian Tumblers
    If you're looking for Victorian glass and you're on a tight budget, it's still possible to build a high-quality collection of small items like tumblers.
  • Chinese Mandarin Squares
    Woven "mandarin squares" like these were once worn by Chinese officials. Now they're for sale. This pair, about 200 years old, sold for $1,150 at a Cape Cod auction. Learn more about mandarin squares and their history.
  • Well-Heeled Collectors Want Classic Shoe Ads
    A pumped-up bidder at a Maine auction walked away with this 1901-1905 American Girl shoe sign for $3,680. The die-cut tin sign was manufactured in Ohio. Footnote: See this article for more auction prices of old shoe advertising.

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