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You will find hundreds of sale reports with color pictures, descriptions, prices, and an explanation of what influences the highs or lows. For everything from toys to formal furniture, glass, pottery, silver and more, get the low-down on items both unique and useful. The sales reports give the history of factories and items, as well as prices. They will help you discover the value of your piece. Read bits of advice and tricks from how to find expensive antiques at bargain prices to why you need a bungee cord at a flea market.


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  • Maritime Antiques

    Many 19th-century sailors passed time at sea by making gifts for loved ones. Collectors of maritime antiques look for sailor-made objects that are unusual and artistic. Pieces associated with a famous region or boat gets high prices. Sail over to page 16 to find out why this piece of scrimshaw sold for over $200,000.






  • Sewing Collectibles Mend Collectors Hearts

    Antique sewing tools found in garage sales or flea markets are collected not only for their unique designs, but also because they’re as useful today as they were 100 years ago. This carved spool holder spun one collector’s head at a recent sale in Virginia. See prices and pictures of more antique sewing aids.






  • East Meets West Furniture

    Quality furniture made in Asia is a bargain right now. Starting in the 1700s, China began making furniture specifically for export using some of the finest materials. A handful of Asian furniture pieces, including this pair of jade screens made for American and European buyers, were scooped up at a recent auction. Fly over to page 18 to learn more about Eastern treasures made for Western markets.






  • Pyrex – Undiscovered Collectible

    “Everything old is new again,” and that includes Pyrex from the 1950s. Pyrex bowls can probably still be found in grandma’s kitchen. Learn what collectors are buying, and start collecting dishes you can use to prep, bake, and serve. See if you recognize any of these classics from the past.






  • Heisey Glass is a Clear Winner

    The A.H. Heisey Company is known for its quality pressed and blown tableware and decorative glass. Their patterns have been on the affordable side since the late 1800s. But times are changing! Look at some Heisey examples and get insider information so you can identify an authentic piece. Find out why this set of green candlesticks dazzled one collector.





  • Advertising Signs at Auction

    Food advertisers have long looked for the best way to a customers' hearts and ultimately, to their wallets. Signs with stunning colorful graphics in excellent condition that were made in the 1920s and '30s sold well to collectors at vintage advertising-related auctions. This Cracker Jack die-cut cardboard sign featuring Sailor Jack and Bingo sold for a shocking price. See our sale report if you’re hungry for more photos and prices of food product advertising signs.





  • Georg Jensen Jewelry Going Up

    Silver and gold jewelry by Georg Jensen has been worn by celebrities and royalty since the early 1900s. There’s a reason why prices for this Scandinavian jewelry just keep going up. Antique and vintage pieces like this pair of earrings that were designed in 1913, and reveal the classic Jensen style sold in a recent New Jersey auction. See more fashionable Jensen designs.





  • Marquetry Furniture Makes the Mark

    Furniture decorated with marquetry is rarely overlooked. There’s just something striking about creating pictures using wood veneers. Marquetry decorations can range from simple trims to intricate designs, often including leaves and flowers. Discover the price of this cabinet that carved a space in a new home.






  • The Ageless Jazz Age

    The 1920s in America, also referred to as the Roaring Twenties, was a time of great change for art and design. Household objects and fashion were transformed to reflect what was happening in the world. Learn about the first major museum exhibition to focus on Twenties design and see similar pieces that sold recently at auction. Swing over to this article for prices and colorful pictures.





  • Buyers Bedazzled by Costume Jewelry

    Costume jewelry is usually made of non-precious metals and other materials, but designer-signed vintage pieces can sell as high as fine jewelry made of gold and silver. Jewelry created by famous mid-20th century designers Coco Chanel and Miriam Haskell sold well at auction in Connecticut. If you’ve got a drawer full of vintage costume jewelry with pieces like this Miriam Haskell necklace, dig it out and see recent prices and photographs.





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