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  • Toys

    There’s a hypnotic allure to the 1950s Pecking Woodpecker on a Stick and "Push Puppets."







  • Roly Poly Tins

    Roly Poly tins were first made in the early 1900s by the American Tobacco Company to hold a pound of tobacco. Six stereotypical lithographed figures were made. In the 1980s, similar but smaller tins appeared.





  • Holiday Ornaments

    Traditions reign during the holiday season, as bins and boxes are pulled out of attics and family heirlooms regain a (temporary) place of honor in home decoration. But are vintage ornaments better than reproductions?






  • Halloween Collectibles

    The “golden age” of Halloween collectibles is pre-1930s. Those who love vintage Halloween collectibles, however, need to be wary.







  • Lalique

    Old reproductions of Lalique vases are fooling today’s collectors. Years of wear and tear make old repros look even older.


  • Harriet Nash
    Spotting Fake Daguerreotypes

    Do you have some very old pictures of ancestors, perhaps some that are daguerreotypes? Be careful buying from unfamiliar sources.






  • Silver Napkin Rings

    Many holiday dinner tables will be enhanced by whimsical napkin rings for family and guests to admire. If the host is lucky, those holders will be silver heirlooms.







  • Raymond C. Yard Rabbit Pin

    We came across a recreation of a Raymond Yard "Rabbit Waiter" pin for $98,000 in a Neiman Marcus catalog. Originals are prized and sell for high prices.






  • Tin Windups

    We opened a catalog recently and found a “new” vintage tin windup toy made using the original design of a Germany company. Be on the lookout for these reproductions that are far less valuable than originals.






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