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Know Your Antiques
  • Faux Finished Furniture


      Expensive woods like teak or mahogany, marble, stone and other materials used to make expensive furniture are often imitated by a painted surface.







  • Rookwood Toad of Toad Hall Pitcher


    American art pottery artists often painted pictures on their vases, pitchers and other pieces. They painted bats, frogs, rabbits, birds and other animals in their natural form, as well as fantasy animals represented as well-dressed humanlike figures.



  • sports,baseball,boston union poster
    1884 Baseball Poster


    Baseball may have been first mentioned in the United States in 1791, when city officials in Pittsfield, Mass., banned playing the game near the town meeting house.





  • William IV Desk
    Furniture for Technology

    Technology has changed the furniture we live with. Tables and desks had to change to accommodate modern, large and often clumsy electronics.





  • Corkscrew Collecting

    Wine spoils quickly if exposed to the air. In the 18th century glassblowers were able to make bottles with narrow necks that made airtight storage possible, When the English began to bottle wine in the 1700s, they also invented...




  • Burgun,Schverer & Cie Cameo Glass


    Cameo glass is popular with collectors. Galle, Thomas Webb, Mt. Washington and Daum are well known, but some smaller companies that worked at the same time are almost unknown.




  • tobacco memory  jar
    Ugly Jars

      “Ugly jar” is just one of the names for an antique memory jar—and it is often an accurate description. But a homemade memory jar is of interest because it tells a story.




  • purse,beaded,ladies at tea
    Glass Beaded Purses


    Beaded purses of various shapes were in fashion for all of the 19th and 20th centuries. Colorful and sparkling glass beads imported from Europe added to the knit and embroidered purses that were in style.




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