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Dictionary of Marks
  • Modern Stainless Steel Flatware

    Modern stainless steel flatware looks good on the table and is very salable. These wonderful designs are mostly from the 1950s and 1960s.







  • More American Dinnerware

    We get lots of mail asking about American dinnerware - how to identify the maker, pattern, age, and value. The mark on the bottom of the dishes helps provide the answers.






  • Steuben Glass

    Steuben Glass Works was founded in Corning, New York, in 1903 by Frederick Carder (1863-1963) and T.G. Hawkes Sr.






  • Nippon Marks

    Ceramics marked Nippon were created by many different Japanese manufacturers from 1891 to 1921. Pieces that are marked sell for more than unmarked pieces, but not all pieces made during the Nippon era are marked. 






  • Fiesta Dinnerware

    Fiesta dinnerware was introduced by the Homer Laughlin China Co. in 1936. Here are some of the marks found on Fiesta dishes.






  • Royal Doulton

    Royal Doulton traces its beginnings to 1815, when John Doulton partnered with Martha Jones and John Watts to form Jones, Watts and Doulton in Lambeth, England. Here are some 20th century marks used on Royal Doulton.






  • Boucher jewelry marks
    Boucher Costume Jewelry

    Marcel Boucher (1898-1965) was a costume jewelry designer and maker born in Paris, France. He was an apprentice to Cartier and was trained as a model maker. Here are some of the marks found on jewelry he designed.






  • Depression Glass Patterns

    Depression glass was made by dozens of factories in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. It is an inexpensive glass . . .






  • Art Pottery

    Marks found on some of the art pottery featured in the Humler & Nolan sale report in Kovels' February 2018 newsletter.






  • American Dinnerware

    We get questions from readers who have inherited American dinnerware and want to know how old it is and what it’s worth. To find the value of your dinnerware, it helps to look at the mark.






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