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Want to know "How old is Donald Duck Cola?" or "Who made the Porcelier Coffeepot?" or "Where can I find a plate that matches my dinner set?" If you have a question about value or origin, search the collectors' gallery. If you have a question of general interest, write us and you may see the answer here.

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  • Silver teapot
    Menorah Silver Mark

    Q: This silver teapot is marked with “SM” in a shield and a menorah in a circle. I haven’t been able to find the maker. Can you help? Also, what is the significance of the menorah?







  • Noritake dresser tray
    Noritake Dresser Tray

    Q: I bought this Noritake dresser tray at a garage sale for $2. Can you give me a value on this?







  • The Pearl Typewriter
    Pearl Typewriter

    Q: I didn’t even know what this was, but someone online had it on his “wanted” list. It says, “The Pearl Typewriter, Patented May, 12.91.” I sent him photos and he offered me $1,000. (Had he said $100 I would have sold it and never looked back.) Well, I figured I better do some research, so I found another person who knew about typewriters and he also offered me $1,000. What should I do? I’m not into antiques but I don’t want to be stupid. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.





  • Rosie the riveter doll
    Rosie the Riveter Doll

    Q: My sister-in-law bought this Rosie the Riveter porcelain doll in the 1980s and I inherited it. The doll is marked “Norman Rockwell, 1986, The Curtis Publishing Company, Signature Collection, Porcelain, Made in Taiwan.” The doll is 13 inches high. Can you give me information and value?






  • Wm. L. Gilbert clock
    Gilbert Clock

    Q: This clock belonged to my grandmother and I think it’s around 100 years old. There is a partial label on the bottom that says “Plaza, Manufactured by Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co., Winsted, Conn., U.S.A.” Does it have any value?






  • Mehlem dish
    Mehlem Dish

    Q: I found this thing in my home. I don’t know what it is. I heard my dad found it underwater when he was diving.







  • C.C. Thompson Pottery dinnerware
    C.C. Thompson Dinnerware

    Q: I have a few pieces of my father’s confirmation dinnerware. It’s marked “CCTP” surrounding a star and “Mayfair, 1509.” I’d like history and value if possible. My search has been futile and hope you have some information.






  • Hull Magnolia vase
    Hull Pottery Vase

    Q: My husband collected pottery. I’ve been looking for the markings on this piece but it doesn’t seem to match anything. Is this actually a Hull piece?






  • New Era Potato Chips can
    New Era Potato Chip Can

    Q: I found this large New Era potato chip can while cleaning my basement. It has silhouettes of a tall, slim young woman and people participating in active sports. It says “A Healthy Food…on the Alkaline side, The New Era scientifically processed potato chips.” On the back of the can it says “Manufactured by Nicolay Dancey Inc., Detroit, Michigan, and Wooster, Ohio.” Were potato chips actually considered healthy?






  • T.G. Green washbowl set
    T.G. Green Washbowl Set

    Q: I came across this beautiful washbowl and pitcher in great condition. The mark on the bottom says “Anemone” and “T.G.G. & Co. Ltd.” Can you tell me something about its origin and value?






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