The Label Made Me Buy It: From Aunt Jemima to Zonkers — The Best Dressed Boxes, Bottles, and Cans from the Past

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Label collecting has become a hobby of interest not only to collectors, but also artists and historians. Tobacco, citrus fruit, and food labels, firecracker packages, and product stickers are eagerly bought, sold, and traded through organized clubs, auctions, shows, and the internet. Hardcover.

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When Ralph and Terry Kovel started collecting labels, they learned that every label is an ad and a mystery. A label is designed to catch your eye, entice you to buy, tell you what the product is, why it’s wonderful, and even if it’s good for you. But if you learn to read clues on a label, it can tell you much more–who made the product, when it was made, and the consumer laws that governed its packaging, as well as the fashions, hairstyles, humor, prejudices, pleasures, and political ideals of the past.

The Label Make Me Buy it shows you the clues to look for. Who made the product, when it was made. It includes historical information about label makers and food companies, as well as listings of patents, dates, legal wording and lithographers. Tobacco, citrus fruit, food labels, firecracker packages and product stickers are eagerly bought, sold, and traded through auctions, shows, organized clubs and on the Internet.

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