Set: Kovels’ Buyers Guide to Modern Ceramics and Kovels Identification Guide to Contemporary American Pottery

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These guides help you identify the most popular makers and designers of costume jewelry. Spot mid-century costume jewelry, Mexican silver jewelry and European and North American pieces. Learn who Hob and Sigi are and how to recognize a rare piece of Bakelite. Accurate, comprehensive and valuable whether you’re a serious collector or just a beginner.

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Find the Unrecognized Treasures Hidden in the Garage or Attic!
These guides contain all the information you need to identify the hard-to-decode marks on modern ceramics (pottery & porcelain). It covers pieces by art and studio potters, factory-made everyday pottery, designers and importers from many countries with photos, history and marks.

A Kovels exclusive reference guide to undiscovered American contemporary pottery, 1960-present. Each pottery is listed with a description of its work, years of productions, dates, color pictures of the pottery and the manufacturers marks. Filled with information not easily found that helps identify the most sought-after collectible pottery.

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