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Star Wars

Star Wars collectibles are included here. The movie Star Wars opened in 1977. Sequels were released in 1980 and 1983; prequels in 1999, 2002, and 2005. An animated series titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars began in 2008 and is still running on Cartoon Network. Star Wars: Episode VII opened in 2015, which increased interest in Star Wars collectibles. Star Wars: The Last Jedi opened in 2017. Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to open in 2019. Star Wars characters also appeared in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018). Other science fiction and fantasy collectibles can be found under Batman, Buck Rogers, Captain Marvel, Flash Gordon, Movie, Superman, and Toy.


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Chewbacca, On Card, Kenner,1977, 4 1/8 In. Illustrated
Year Priced
Photo Credit: Hake's Americana & Collectibles

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