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Enamels listed here are made of glass particles and other materials heated and fused to metal. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, workmen from Russia, France, England, and other countries made small boxes and table pieces of enamel on metal. One form of English enamel is called Battersea and is listed under that name. There was a revival of interest in artist-made enameling in the 1930s and a new style evolved. By 1954, kits for enameling were sold in craft stores, the same time commercial enameled jewelry was being made by many firms, including the American company Renoir. There is now a recently renewed interest in the artistic enameled plaques, vases, ashtrays, and jewelry. Enamels made since the 1930s are usually on copper or steel, although silver was often used for jewelry. Graniteware, the factory-made household pieces made of tin or iron, is in a separate category. is a separate category and enameled metal kitchen pieces may be included in the Kitchen category. Cloisonne is a special type of enamel using wire dividers and is listed in its own category. Descriptions of antique glass and ceramics often use the term enamel to describe paint, not the glass-based enamels listed here. 


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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 EnamelsVaseWisteria Design, Spherical, Signed, Camet, 3 In.2003Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsCigarette CaseWith Lighter, Engraved Map Mount Fuji, Japan, Korea, Blue1999Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsChargerWoman Gathering Oranges, Thelma Winters, 11 In.2006Login / Create Account for Price
EnamelsVaseWoman Holding Basket, Landscape Background, Copper, Limoges, Signed, 1800s, 3 1/2 In. Illustrated2013Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsPlateWoman With Children, Flower Shaped Cartouche, Scrolling Flowers, Fruits, c.1900, 10 1/8 In.2014Login / Create Account for Price
EnamelsPlateWoman, Fancy Hat, This Is Her, Green, Round, W. Steig, Bernad, 5 In. Illustrated, 2012Login / Create Account for Price
EnamelsPlaqueWoman, Holding Jewelry Box, Flowing Robes, Arm Up, Limoges, Frame, 1800s, 8 x 5 In. Illustrated2017Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsVaseWoman, Landscape, 2-Sided, Gilt, Footed, Limoges, c.1900, 4 3/4 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsVaseWoman, Long Brown Hair, Reclining, Flowers, Pink, Limoges, 18th Century, 4 1/2 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsDishWoman, Profile, Flower, Vines, Multicolor, Copper, P. Bonnaud, c.1900, 9 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsVaseWoman, Red Gown, Garden, Flowers In Hair, Field, France, 4 In.2013Login / Create Account for Price
EnamelsVaseWoman,In Woodlands,Copper,Signed Louit,France,4 In. Illustrated2011Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsBoxWood Crescent, Jewels, Enamel Insert, Bovano, Conn., 1953, 7 1/2 x 4 In.2008Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsCigarette BoxWooden, Leather, Plaque, Cedar Lined, K. Drerup, 8 In.1998Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsVaseYellow Ground, Multicolored, Ruffled Edge, Footed, Stevens & Williams, 13 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsPortraitYoung Beauty, On Copper, Limoges, C.1890, 4 x 3 1/4 In.2001Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsPlaqueYoung Satyr Blowing A Pipe, 1916, 2 7/8 In.1998Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsPlaqueZeus, Burning City, Metal Frame, c.1800, 4 3/8 x 3 5/8 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 EnamelsVaseZun, Flowers, Scrolls, Patterned Ground, Footed, Gilt, Multicolor, Chinese, 17 1/2 In.2013Login / Create Account for Price

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