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Spode pottery, porcelain, and bone china were made by the Stoke-on-Trent factory of England founded by Josiah Spode about 1770. The firm became Copeland and Garrett from 1833 to 1847, then W.T. Copeland or W.T. Copeland and Sons until 1976. It then became Royal Worcester Spode Ltd. The company was bought by the Portmeirion Group in 2009. The word Spode appears on many pieces made by the factories. Pattern numbers also appear on Spode pieces, with lower numbers used on earlier pieces and numbers 5,000 or higher used from 1833. Most collectors include all the wares under the more familiar name of Spode. Porcelains are listed by the name that appears on the piece. Related pieces may be listed under Copeland, Copeland Spode, and Royal Worcester.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
SpodePlatter Hunting Campsite, Indian Sporting Series, Blue Transfer, c.1815, 14 x 18 In. illustrated2016Login / Create Account for Price
SpodePlateSoup, Partridge, Grasshopper, Flower & Insect Border, Marked, 9 3/4 In. Illustrated2013Login / Create Account for Price
SpodePlatterImari, Ironstone, c.1860, 11 x 15 In. Illustrated 2012Login / Create Account for Price
SpodePlatterBlue Willow,Octagonal,Mark,c.1910,21 x 16 In. Illustrated2011Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeCake PlateSquare, England, 9 1/4 In. Pair,2018Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeDishJunket, Imari Pattern, Blue, Red, White, Gold Trim, Oval, c.1825, 17 x 14 In.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlateScalloped, Gadroon, Gilt, Leaves, Insects, 10 In. Pair2018Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlateSongbird Series, Red, Black, Ray Harm, 9 In. 14 Piece,2018Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeBasket Chestnut, On Stand, Creamware, Grapes, Leaves, Marked, c.1830, 3 x 10 In., Pair,2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeBowl Blue, Japanese Flower Pattern, Gold Trim, 10 1/2 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeCup & Saucer Flared, Multicolor Flowers, Gilt Rim, c.1820, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeDish Sweetmeat, Scalloped Rim, Handles, Gilt, Grapes, Leaves, Reserves, 1800s, 10 x 9 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeLazy Susan Tower Pattern, Central Tureen, 4 Covered Dishes, 10 x 22 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePitcher Celadon, Relief Birds & Dragonflies, 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 In., Pair,2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlate Greek, 4 Horses, Chariot, Greek Key Rim, 10 1/2 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlate Luncheon, Gilt Trim, Blue Ground, Flower Border, Feathers, Birds, c.1810, 8 3/4 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeTea Service Imari Style, Teapot, Sugar, Creamer, Cups, Saucers, Lazy Susan, 12 Piece2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeVase Lid, Jasperware, Satyr Mask Handles, Dolphin Finial, Putti, Faun, Cupid, 14 In., Pair,2017Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeBasket Under Tray Reticulated, Blue Flower Transfer, Gilt, c.1850, 8 1/2 In.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeCup Tulip Form, Single Flower, Green, Red, White, Octagonal Base, Handle, c.1820, 3 In. Pair2016Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeGinger Jar Lid, Flowers, Blue Ground, Gilt, Copeland, 12 x 8 1/2 In.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlate Dinner, Stafford Flowers, 1900s, 11 In. 12 Piece2016Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlatter Campsite, Figures, Dogs, Exotic Animal Border, Indian Sporting Series, 14 x 18 In.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodePlatter Imari, Frog Pattern, Blue, Red Transfer, Raised Wood Stand, c.1825, 16 3/4 In.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 SpodeTureen Sauce, Lid, Blue, Flowers, Gilt, Lobed Sides, Leaf Relief, Handles, Footed, 5 x 8 In.2016Login / Create Account for Price

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