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Shawnee Pottery

Shawnee Pottery was started in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1937. The company made vases, novelty ware, flowerpots, planters, lamps, and cookie jars. Three dinnerware lines were made: Corn, Lobster Ware, and Valencia (a solid color line). White Corn pattern utility pieces were made in 1945. Corn King was made from 1946 to 1954; Corn Queen, with darker green leaves and lighter colored corn, from 1954 to 1961. The Corn King and Corn Queen lines of dinner plates, teapots, and salt and pepper sets were molded and colored to resemble ears of corn, with kernels of corn and leaves. Shawnee produced pottery for George Rumrill during the late 1930s. The company closed in 1961. 

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Cookie Jar
Winnie Pig,Green Collar,11 In. Illustrated
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