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Rockingham, in the United States, is a pottery with a brown glaze that resembles tortoiseshell. It was made from 1840 to 1900 by many American potteries. Rockingham is also the name of a pottery in England in Swinton working from 1745 to 1842. Other types of ceramics were also made by the English firm, but the name Rockingham was used by collectors for any of the brown glazed pottery made in America. Some of Rockingham's most famous pieces had relief-molded designs including hunt scenes. Animal sculptures and historical figures were also made. Related pieces may be listed in the Bennington category. 

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
RockinghamFigurineDog, Spaniel, Seated, Embossed Platform, Yellowware, 10 1/2 In. Illustrated2017Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamMoldMottled Brown, Daisies, Englert, 2 3/8 x 6 1/8 x 4 1/4 In. Illustrated2013Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamPlanterTree Stump, Cut Branch Openings, Incised, Glazed, c.1875, 25 1/4 In. Illustrated2013Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamFigurineSpaniel, Seated, Scalloped Edge Base, c.1850, 11 In. Illustrated 2012Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamFigurineDog,Spaniel,Seated,Free Standing Legs,Mid 1800s,11 In. Illustrated2011Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamBatter Jug Man, Seated, Smoking Pipe, Yellowware, Wire Handle, 10 In., Illustrated2010Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamFigurine Dog, Spaniels, Seated, 5 3/4 In.,2010Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamCoffeepotYellowware, Shaped Handle, Footed, Illustrated2008Login / Create Account for Price
RockinghamTeapotRebecca At The Well, Brown Drip Glaze, 8 1/2 In. , Illustrated2006Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamCachepotGilt, Bronze, Pink, Flower Basket, White Reserve, Acorn Finial, Footed, 9 In. Pair2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamCuspidorMottled Brown Glaze, 8-Point Star, Ribbed, 1800s, 8 In. Diam.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamFigurineBullfrog, Green Splashes, Mounded Base, c.1875, 3 3/4 In.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamPitcherAcorn & Leaf Pattern, Yellow, Green Splotches, c.1875, 9 In.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamPitcherMolded Flowers On Collar, Mottled Brown, Angled Handle, 1800s, 7 In.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamTeapotOctagonal, Molded Spout & Handle, Blue Splashes, c.1865, 8 x 11 In.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamTobacco JarBranch Handles, Cylindrical, Patterns, Embossed Eagle, c.1865, 6 In.2018Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamCandlestick Glazed Yellow & Brown, Turned Stem, Flared Foot, 8 1/2 In., Pair2017Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamCuspidor Grape Clusters, 8-Sided, Scalloped, Marked Speeler, Taylor & Bloor, 4 x 8 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamSoap Dish Yellowware, Glazed, Molded Rim, 2 x 6 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamUrn Coffee, Lid, Flint Enamel Yellow & Brown Glaze, Applied Handles, Pewter Spigot, 23 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamUrn Lid, Brameld, Painted, Vase Shape, Scrolling Leaf Footed, Multicolor, 11 In.2017Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamCrock Winged Feather, Cobalt Blue, 2 Incised Rings, Va., c.1855, 9 x 9 In. 2 Gal.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamFigurine Dog, Spaniel, Sitting, Brown Glaze, c.1875, 10 1/4 In.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamPitcher Triple Tulip, Cobalt Blue, Va., c.1860, 10 x 4 3/4 In. Gal.2016Login / Create Account for Price
 RockinghamBaking Dish Molded, Rounded Rim, Yellow Brown Streaks, Summit Pottery, 13 x 10 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price

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