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Goldscheider has made porcelains in three places. The family left Vienna in 1938 and started factories in England and in Trenton, New Jersey. It made figurines and other ceramics. The New Jersey factory started in 1940 as Goldscheider-U.S.A. In 1941 it became Goldscheider-Everlast Corporation. From 1947 to 1953 it was Goldcrest Ceramics Corporation. In 1950 the Vienna plant was returned to Mr. Goldscheider and the company continues in business. The Trenton, New Jersey, business, now called Goldscheider of Vienna, imports all of the pieces. Goldscheider marked its earlier pieces with eagle wings and has since moved on to an anchor mark. 

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Pattern or Item
Candelabrum Lamp
Nude Woman In Ring, Faux Candles, Austria, 1930s, 22 x 13 In. Illustrated
Year Priced
Photo Credit: Rago Arts and Auction Center

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